PSO2 NGS: Kouklophis

Sega recently added new 8-star weapons to PSO2: NGS, and one of them is the Kouklophis weapon series.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS) is an adventurous video game that invites players to enjoy tactical battles.

Since the game is an online, you can enjoy its content with other players across the globe. Sega recently introduced 8-star weapons PSO2: NGS, and one of them is the Kouklophis weapon series.

Why are weapons important?

When you start playing PSO2: NGS, your characters will be equipped with basic gear, as the enemies at a low level are not very difficult to defeat. However, as you gain additional levels, the enemies that you have to defeat also become more powerful.

As such, you need stronger weapons and gear to defeat them. Although weapons seem like a simple feature to some, they are a crucial component in the game.

Without weapons, you cannot defeat monsters, which means that you will not advance in the storyline.

It is advisable that you regularly equip stronger weapons to ensure that your character can defeat powerful enemies.

PSO2 NGS: Kouklophis

On 7 December 2022, Sega added several new features to PSO2: NGS, including new 8-star weapons that gamers can collect, a new region to explore, and several new enemies. One of the new 8-star weapons that you can acquire is the Kouklophis series.

PSO2 NGS: Kouklophis

In order to get a Kouklophis weapon, you have to harvest Infernium from the Stia region. Although Infernium is considered a mineral, you can exchange it for a Kouklophis weapon.

If you are interested in farming Infernium, remember that the node only spawns at a specific location. Moreover, you can only find the node in Phoenix, Inferno, and Scorching weather conditions.

When you notice that Stia’s heat is increasing, you are advised to go to Mediola Outer Area 1.

In this area, you may notice a massive building, and you have to walk behind the building if you want to find the Infernium node. After mining the Infernium node, you will only get 1 Infernium. This essentially means that you can obtain 1 Infernium daily.

Once you have enough Infernium, you can head to the new exchange non-player-character, who is located in Stia Camp. The basic version of a Kouklophis weapon costs 15 Infernium, and the Fixa Attack level 1 weapon costs 30 Infernium.

However, you should not purchase either of these versions. Instead, it is recommended that you purchase the Kouklophis Fixa Attack level 3 weapon, as it is extremely powerful. This version of the Kouklophis weapons costs 300 Infernium.

Alternative methods by which to acquire Infernium

If you are do not want to farm Infernium daily, then you can purchase the mineral. If you procure 2 Famous Stia Carambola, 2 Famous Stia Crabs, and 2 Famous Stia Mushrooms, you can exchange these items for Infernium.

But this means that you have to farm the items in order to exchange them.

However, you can also check the Treasure Shop, as is it possible that there is Infernium available for purchase. It is worth noting  that 1 Infernium costs 20 000 N-Meseta.

That being said, you do not have to purchase Infernium as you can farm the mineral without paying for it. But if you are in a hurry to collect a Kouklophis weapon, then purchasing Infernium may be  the way to go for you.

PSO2 NGS: Kouklophis
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Who should use the Kouklophis weapons?

If you are a casual player and you are looking for an easy-going, simple weapon, the Kouklophis weapon series is ideal for you.

The weapon does not have many requirements to function successfully. This essentially means that you do not have to focus too much on activating the weapon’s features, but you can focus on defeating the enemies instead.

However, if you are a serious gamer that strives for perfection, you should not use the Kouklophis weapons. However, you can use another 8-star weapon series called  Gunblaze, because it has specific requirements that must be met to be efficient.

Kouklophis statistics

The Kouklophis weapon has an 8-star rating, which implies that it is one of the most powerful weapons in PSO2: NGS. The weapon’s base attack is 520,although it can be increased to 663, which means that it is almost as powerful as the Kaizaar weapon series.

In order to get high statistics, players have to upgrade their Kouklophis weapon. At level 1, the weapon potency increases by 13 percent and damage resistance is increased by 5 percent.

Keep in mind that this weapon’s damage resistance and potency are increased by 5 percent and 6 percent respectively towards dolls.

At level 4, the weapon potency increases by 19 percent and damage resistance is increased by 5 percent.

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