Evony: Sphinx boss

The Sphinx Event Boss only spawns during Evony’s Trial of Sphinx Event you will earn rich rewards if you defeat it.

In Evony: The King’s Return, you can take on the role of a lady or a lord of a keep in medieval times. The objective of the game is to build an empire from scratch, and you can also defeat enemies and boss monsters to earn rewards.

Some bosses, such as the Sphinx, only appear during specific events.

Event Boss Monsters

Event Boss Monsters are one of the best ways to quickly acquire resources and speedups in Evony. The type of Event Boss monsters that you can find on the world map changes with each new consumption event.

This is generally on a 2-week cycle with the events lasting for 10 days. There are several Event Boss Monsters that you can defeat in Evony, each of which has a unique level. The higher level a Boss Monster is, the more difficult it is to defeat the monster.

You need specific troops to defeat an Event Boss Monster, otherwise you will be unsuccessful in the battle.

Evony: Sphinx boss

The Sphinx Evony Event Monster only spawns during the regular Trial of Sphinx Event. If you defeat this enemy, you will receive chest rewards, but you have a chance of getting a Junior Blazon Chest.

Evony: Sphinx boss
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This is allegedly the best way to get Blazons for free, and players can get 10 a day by defeating Sphinx bosses.

The table below lists the rewards that you receive by defeating a Sphinx boss:

Sphinx level Power Rewards
1 12.4 million
  • 5 Blue Material Chests
  • Resource chests
  • 3 Refining Stones
  • Construction Speedups
  • Research Speedups
2 22.3 million
  • 10 Blue Material Chests
  • Resource chests
  • 6 Refining Stones
  • Healing Speedups
3 74.5 million
  • 5 Large Material Chests
  • Resource chests
  • 9 Refining Stones
  • Speedups
4 147.5 million
  • 6 Large Material Chests
  • Resource chests
  • 10 Refining Stones
  • Speedups
  • 1 Source of Life
5 225.2 million
  • 8 Large Material Chests
  • Resource chests
  • 12 Refining Stones
  • Speedups
  • 1 Source of Life
6 472.9 million
  • 10 Large Material Chests
  • Resource chests
  • 14 Refining Stones
  • Speedups
  • 2 Source of Life

The higher the level of the Sphinx you defeat, the better the rewards you will receive. However, the fight against a level 6 Sphinx is much more difficult than the fight against a level 1 Sphinx.

If you are an early-game player, we recommend that you do not try to defeat a high level Sphinx, as you will lose a lot of troops. Instead, you can attempt to defeat a low level Sphinx and still earn rewards.

How many troops do you need?

The level of the Sphinx determines how many troops you need to defeat the boss. The recommended number of troops is as follows:

Sphinx level Tier troops Amount of troops
1 Tier 11 100 000 Cavalry units
2 Tier 12 300 000 Cavalry units
3 Tier 12 808 122 Cavalry units
4 Unknown Under investigation
5 Unknown Under investigation
6 Unknown Under investigation

Unfortunately, it is unknown how many troops are required to defeat the high-level Sphinx. However, it is advisable that you use high-tier cavalry units to attempt to defeat a high level Sphinx.

Trial of Sphinx

The Trial of Sphinx Event was introduced in October 2022. The event invites players to defeat the Sphinx Event boss on the world map every weekend to earn rewards.

Keep in mind that the Trial of Sphinx has to be active in order for a Sphinx to spawn on the world map.

When the event is active, you can open the world map and search for a Sphinx. There are no set locations for these Event Bosses as they appear in random locations.

How to defeat a Sphinx

As with all bosses in Evony, mounted troops led by a strong mounted General, who is equipped with mounted gear, skills, and refines is your best bet to defeat a Sphinx. Therefore, we recommend that gamers invest in mounted research and technology.

If you are struggling to vanquish a Sphinx, you can start or join a rally in your Alliance. In an Alliance, you do not need to kill a Sphinx to get rewards.

Instead, you can join a rally by sending some of your best troops and Generals to join the fight against a Sphinx.

Joining with a single troop minimizes wounded troops for you and the rally starter. Keep in mind that you can only join a rally if you are part of an Alliance.

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