Anime Adventures: Evolve

Players can evolve their units in Anime Adventures to increase their strength and abilities, however, only 4 units can be upgraded.

Anime Adventures is a tower defence video game in which you have to collect anime characters and deploy them to protect your base. Enemies will spawn and move towards the end of the map on a path, but it is up to you to defeat them before they reach your tower.

Although you will only have a few characters in your collection when you start playing the game, you can acquire additional characters as you progress in the storyline.

Your characters will initially not be very powerful, but you can improve and upgrade them by evolving them.

How to acquire characters in Anime Adventures

You can get additional characters by going to the Summoning area of the game, which is located to the left of the Leaderboard area. Each summon will cost you 50 Gems, however, you can also use a Summon Ticket.

Keep in mind that the banner of available characters resets every hour. Every time it resets, there will be 3 new Rare characters, 1 Legendary unit, 1 Epic character, and 1 Mythical character. Every rarity has its own summoning rates.

It can thus be said that you have a bigger chance of getting a Rare character than summoning a Mythic character.

Anime Adventures: Evolve

In the early game stage, you will find that your basic characters are strong enough to defeat the waves of enemies. However, as you reach the later stages, you are going to need stronger characters to complete a battle.

Anime Adventures: Evolve
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Evolution strengthens your units by giving them an attack buff, and an additional strengthened ability. But bear in mind that not all units in Anime Adventures can be evolved.

There are currently only 4 units in the game that can be evolved beyond their original form. These characters all form part of the Mythic rarity, and they can only be acquired through the gacha system.

The characters that you can evolve, what they require to be evolved, and their bonuses are as follows:

Character Evolve requirement Bonuses
Levi Shining Extract Once evolved, Levi gets an additional 30 percent damage, and a 25 percent critical damage chance
All Might Two Ultrasteel Blades All Might will receive 40 percent damage, 10 percent less cool down, and a knockback on their ability
Madara Two Divine Eyes She gains a new ability, Susanoo Fire, and an additional 20 percent damage
Brody Restraining Necklace Brody gains an additional 20 percent damage, and his range is increased by 50 percent

In order to evolve one of these characters, you need to have the character in your collection. Moreover, you must have the items that they require to be evolved, and you also need to have enough gold coins to complete the process.

How to obtain the required items

As seen in the above table, every character requires a specific item to be evolved. You can purchase the items by spending Gold Coins, and by collecting items, such as Star Fruits of varying rarity and colour.

The following table lists the items and their approximate prices:

Item Price
Shining Extract 2000 gold coins
Two Ultrasteel Blades 3500 gold coins
Restraining Necklace 7000 gold coins
Two Divine Eyes 4000 gold coins

Players can also purchase King’s Idol, but it currently does not evolve any of the characters. Allegedly King’s Idol is meant to evolve Lelouch, who is currently not in Anime Adventures.

How to procure Gold coins and Star Fruits

Players can earn gold coins by selling duplicate characters from their collection. To sell a character, select the “Unit” tab, which can be found on the left side of the screen. In the new menu, you will find a list of all your collected characters.

If you have duplicates, you can select them, and a new menu will appear. You can then click on the “Sell” option to acquire Gold coins.

As for Star Fruits, you can either trade them from the Traveling Merchant in exchange for gems, or you can get them by completing Challenges.

How to evolve a unit in Anime Adventures

Once you have the character and the item to evolve the unit, you can go to the “Evolve” section of the game, which is located in the lobby where you first start the game.

Inside the area, you have to run past Beeruh and go to the area that is glowing blue. A new menu will appear when you step into the circle.

You will then be able to select the character that you want to evolve and click on the “Evolve” tab to complete the process.

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