Anime Adventures: What does Gold do?

In Anime Adventures, Gold coins can be used to evolve mythic characters or to purchase items from the Traveling Merchant.

Anime Adventures is a popular tower defence video game in which gamers have to collect anime characters and deploy them to protect their base.

Enemies will spawn and head towards the end of the map on a path, but it is your responsibility to defeat these enemies before they reach the exit.

Although players will initially only have a few anime characters in their collection, they can acquire additional characters as they advance in the game.

The game has a gacha system, which enables you to summon varied rarities of characters with summoning currencies. There is a possibility that you can collect duplicate characters, which can be used to obtain Gold.

Summoning rates

There are currently 4 rarities of anime characters that you can summon in the game. Some characters are rarer than others, which means that they have lower summoning rates, and other characters can be summoned at higher summoning rates:

Character rarity Summoning rate
Rare 27.3 percent
Epic 16 percent
Legendary 2 percent
Mythic 0.25 percent

Players can increase their chances by consuming luck potions, but they can only be purchased with Robux, a premium Roblox currency. It is worth noting that you can only acquire Robux by buying it with real-life money.

Anime Adventures: What does Gold do?

Although you can acquire various anime characters through the gacha system in Anime Adventures, there is a possibility that you will summon duplicate characters.

Players can earn Gold coins by selling their duplicate characters. To do so, open your unit menu by selecting the unit icon on the left side of the screen.

Anime Adventures: What does Gold do?
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In the new menu you will see all the units in your collection. Players can click on the duplicate characters before selecting the “Sell” option. You can use your Gold coins to evolve specific mythic characters who have Evolve items.

Once you have collected the required number of Gold coins, you can go to the Evolve room and interact with Beeruh. This non-player character (NPC) will list the requirements to craft an Evolve item. The table below lists the Evolve items you can craft to improve certain characters:

Evolve item Corresponding character Cost
Restraining Necklace Broly 7000 Gold coins
2 Ultrasteel Blades All Might 3500 Gold coins
2 Divine Eyes Madara 4000 Gold coins
Shining Extract Levi 2000 Gold coins

If you do not have these characters in your collection, you can go to the Summon area and look for the Traveling Merchant. It is recommended that you search for the Bulma, as the Traveling Merchant is located next to her.

The items in the shop are completely random, so you may not be able to spend gold to purchase items. The only item you can purchase with Gold is a Summon Ticket, which you can use to summon a unit through the gacha system.

Players should remember that the Traveling Merchant is only available for a certain period of time and will disappear after a while.

What do the Evolve items do?

It is crucial to remember that each of the Evolve items have a different effect on their corresponding characters. The following table lists the effects of each Evolve item:

Character Evolve item Effect
Broly Restraining Necklace The character deals 20 percent additional damage with a 50 percent increase in range
All Might 2 Ultrasteel Blades All Might deals an additional 40 percent damage, with a 10 percent cooldown reduction. He can also deal a knockback to enemies
Madara 2 Divine Eyes The character benefits from the Susanoo Fire ability, while dealing 20 percent extra damage
Levi Shining Extract Levi deals an additional 30 percent damage while having a 25 percent critical damage chance

How many Gold coins can you acquire for each character rarity?

As previously mentioned, players can procure Gold coins by selling their characters. You will receive more Gold coins for selling rarer characters. The table below lists the quantity of Gold coins you will receive for each rarity:

Rarity Gold coins
Rare 50
Shiny Rare 100
Epic 200
Shiny Epic 400
Legendary 1000
Shiny Legendary 2000

How to evolve a unit

In order to evolve a unit, you have to meet the specific requirements to do so, such as owning the character you want to evolve.

Anime Adventure players also have to own the items that they need to evolve the character and have enough Gold coins to complete the process. Once you have all the necessary items, you can go to the Evolve department in the game and commence the process.

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