Anime Adventures: Traits

There are various traits in Anime Adventures, however, Divine and Golden are regarded as the best traits in the game.

Gamers are invited to collect classic anime characters in this adventure-filled tower defence video game, Anime Adventures. In the game, various anime worlds have collided and brought together all of their heroes and villains.

Now, you have to allocate your units to defeat enemies while protecting your base. When an enemy reaches your tower, its health points will reduce. Your tower will be defeated when its health points have depleted.

When you start playing the game, you will only have a few characters in your collection. However, you can acquire additional characters by participating in the gacha system. When you summon a character, they may have a unique trait.

Units in Anime Adventures

Units, otherwise referred to as characters, are the primary way to defend yourself and your tower against oncoming enemies. These are vital to players’ gameplay, as they help them to advance further into the game.

Most units are offensive, but some can provide support in a unique way, such as buffing twerk, debuffing enemies, and spawning additional characters.

Every character has a unique ability, and they can be extremely powerful when combined with other units. Some units can go through evolution, which further strengthens their base statistics and gives them new abilities.

There are several characters to collect, but players should keep in mind that each character is part of a rarity class. This means that your chances of procuring a Rare unit is more than summoning a Legendary or a Mythic character.

Anime Adventures: Traits

Traits are modifiers that affect your character’s performance in a battle. When you summon a unit, it may come with a trait, but you can reroll traits using Star Remnants.

Anime Adventures: Traits
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There are many traits in the game, which are indicated in the following table:

Trait name Description
  • Units with this trait have a 300 percent damage boost, a 10 percent range increase, and a 10 percent SPA reduction
  • If your character has the Golden trait, they will have a 10 percent damage boost, and they will receive 20 percent more Yen every time they make money
  • This trait increases average damage-per-second by 10 percent
  • Units with this trait receive a 20 percent damage increase, a 20 percent range boost, and a 10 percent SPA reduction
  • It also increases average DPS by 33.3 percent
  • It increases the damage the unit deals by 12.5 percent
  • Your character will deal 25 percent more damage to bosses
  • If your unit has this trait, they benefit from a 20 percent SPA reduction
  • It also increases average DPS by 25 percent
  • This trait increases your character’s range by 25 percent
  • Units with this trait gain a 20 percent damage boost to enemies with 30 percent health points or lower
  • It enables the character to level up at a faster rate
  • Nimble I decreases SPA by 5 percent
  • Nimble II decreases SPA by 7.5 percent
  • Nimble III decreases SPA by 12 percent
  • Range I increases Range by 10 percent
  • Range II increases the character’s range by 12.5 percent
  • Range III increases Range by 15 percent
  • Superior I increases damage by 10 percent
  • Superior II increases damage dealt by 12.5 percent
  • Superior III increases damage by 15 percent

How to reroll traits

To reroll a character’s trait, you have to speak with Wis, who can be found outside the Evolve area in the spawn map. You can reroll a trait using Star Remnants, or you can use Robux, which is the premium Roblox currency.

If you are using Star Remnants, the quantity that is required depends on the character that the trait is being rerolled on. Mythical or Secret units require 5 Star Remnants, while the other characters only require 1 per reroll.

When you are evolving a unit, rerolling before evolving can reduce the cost of Star Remnants.

Rerolling trait chances

Similarly to characters, the traits are categorised according to their rarities. The table below lists the chances of rerolling the traits:

Trait name Chances
Golden 0.2 percent
Divine 0.2 percent
Reaper 0.6 percent
Godspeed 1 percent
Sniper 2.5 percent
Culling 5 percent
Adept 10 percent
Nimble 25 percent
Range 25 percent
Superior 30 percent

What is the best trait?

Unfortunately, the best traits have the lowest drop chances. This means that the Divine and Golden traits are considered the eBay traits in Anime Adventures.

As stated previously, the Divine trait boosts your character’s damage by 20 percent, while their range is increased by 20 percent. Moreover, it features a 10 percent SPA reduction.

Golden increases the character’s damage by 10 percent, however, they will get 20 percent more Yen.

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