Anime Adventures: Whitebeard

Anime Adventures features numerous anime characters for players to collect, one of which is Whitebeard, who is a powerful Mythic unit.

Gamers are invited to collect popular anime characters in this thrilling tower defence video game, Anime Adventures. The official description states that several anime worlds have collided, bringing all the villains and heroes together.

As the player, it is your responsibility to deploy units to defeat enemies and to prevent them from reaching your base. Since this is a Roblox game, you can only play it on the Roblox Platform.

When you first start playing the game, you will only have 1 character in your collection. Players can acquire additional heroes as they advance in the game, one of which is Whitebeard.

How to obtain additional units

It may be worth noting that Anime Adventures is based on a gacha system. This system allows players to summon varied rarities of characters with different summoning currencies.

In other words, you have to accumulate a summoning currency, such as gems, before you can participate in the gacha activity.

Once you have collected enough gems, you can go to the summon sector of the game. The characters available for summoning reset every hour, so it is advised that you check which characters are available regularly.

The characters in the game are categorised into varying rarities, whereby Rare characters are seen as the worst in the game and Mythical units are the best, however, they are quite difficult to acquire.

Anime Adventures: Whitebeard

Anime Adventures’ developer, Gomu recently released an update for the game. The update, Ghoul City, introduces new units that players can collect as well as new event quests to complete.

It also increased characters’ maximum level to 70 and made improvements to reduce server lags. To celebrate the upgrade, players can procure a limited-time unit through the gacha system.

Players can also complete a secret questline and test their abilities in 2 new challenging raids. One of the new units you can summon through the gacha system is Whitebeard, which is also referred to as Whitehair.

Since Whitebeard is a Mythic unit, he is considered as one of the best characters in the game. However, this also means that you only have 0.25 percent to summon him.

Fortunately, you can improve your chances by consuming luck potions, which you can only purchase with Robux. Players can get Robux by purchasing it with real-life money.

Anime Adventures: Whitebeard
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Can Whitebeard be evolved?

Since Whitebeard is a Mythic unit, he can be evolved, which means that his statistics, abilities, and talents will become stronger. To evolve Whitebeard, he has to be in your unit collection, and you have to purchase or craft the necessary items.

Before you can evolve Whitebeard, you have to craft a Quake Fruit, which costs approximately 7000 Gold coins. It is important to note that you also need a certain quantity of stars, which you can acquire in the challenges, to craft the item.

After crafting the Quake Fruit, players can go to the Evolve department to finalise Whitebeard’s upgrade. Bear in mind that you also need specific Star Fruits to complete the process.

Whitebeard’s statistics

Similarly to other units in Anime Adventures, Whitebeard has numerous statistics, which will increase once he has been evolved. The statistics will also increase every time you upgrade him on the battlefield. The table below lists Whitebeard’s statistics:

Statistic Not evolved Evolved
Attack damage Between 553 and 1106 Between 786 and 1573
Cooldown 7.4 seconds 7.1 seconds
Range Between 12.1 and 13.1 Between 12.6 and 13.6

Which traits can Whitebeard have?

When you summon Whitebeard through the gacha system, it may come with a trait. Traits are modifiers that change a unit’s performance on the battlefield. There are more than 10 traits in Anime Adventures, and Whitebeard can get any of them.

There is a possibility that you may not want the given trait for Whitebeard and luckily, you can use Star Remnants to reroll his trait. The best traits to have in Anime Adventures are Divine and Golden, because they provide the best effects.

Divine increases your character’s damage and range by 20 percent. It also increases attack speed by 10 percent. Golden increases the money gained from units by 5 percent.

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