Anime Adventures: What does Sakura do?

Sakura, in Anime Adventures, is regarded as one of the best characters as she can increase other units’ damage-per-second.

Gamers are invited to collect well-known anime characters in this popular tower defence video game, Anime Adventures. The game’s description reveals that several anime worlds have collided, bringing all the heroes and villains together.

As the player, it is your duty to deploy units and prevent enemies from reaching your base. The game offers various activities and events that you can enjoy, however, it is recommended that you first focus on completing levels in the Story Mode.

Players will start the game with only 1 unit in their collection, but they can acquire additional characters as they progress in the game. One of the units you can acquire is Sakura, who has an amazing ability.


You can place a range of characters on the battlefield to defeat enemies and to protect your tower. Each unit is part of a specific rarity, which is determined by their statistics and skills.

It is noteworthy that Rare is regarded as the worst tier in the game, whereas Mythic is the best tier. Some of the characters you can obtain are as follows:

Rare Epic Legendary Mythic
·   Tanjiro

·   Usoap

·   Vegita

·   Johna

·   Sasuka

·   Deku

·   Goku

·   Todoroki

·   Piccolo

·   Freiza

·   Killua

·   Overhaul

·   Jotaro

·   Genos

·   Gio

·   Agony

·   Bulmy

·   Mihawk

·   Kizaru

·   Eren

·   Black Goku

·   Broly

·   Shanks

·   Whitehair

·   Levi

·   Diavolo

·   Armin

·   Future Goku

Anime Adventures: What does Sakura do?

One of the characters you can summon in Anime Adventures is Sakura, who is in the Rare category. As stated before, Rare characters are considered the worst characters in the game, however, this does not apply to Sakura.

This is because Sakura is the second-best attack buffer in Anime Adventures. In other words, this unit has the ability to increase the damage of other units on the battlefield.

Although the damage she deals is not the most powerful, she will improve your top damage dealers’ damage output, which means that they will defeat your enemies faster.

You essentially clear the waves faster if your damage dealing units deal more damage-per-second (DPS). To use Sakura on the battlefield, you first have to collect her.

To do so, you have to go to the summon department in the game to see if she is available. It is worth noting that the units that are available for summoning reset every hour.

So, it is recommended that you check the available units’ regularly. If Sakura is available, you can use your gems to participate in the gacha system to summon her.

Anime Adventures: What does Sakura do?
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Since she is a Rare character, the chances of summoning her are approximately 27.3 percent. However, you can increase your chances by consuming a luck potion.

Gamers should keep in mind that these potions can only be purchased with the game’s premium currency, called Robux. It can only be acquired with real-life money.

Does Sakura’s buff stack with Erwin’s ability?

In addition to Sakura, you can acquire Erwin through the gacha system. Erwin is considered the best buff and summon unit. He provides a 25 percent damage boost to units within range.

When executed properly, Sakura’s buff can stack with Erwin’s ability. That being said, players should ensure that they deploy Sakura before Erwin, to stack their abilities.

If you deploy Erwin before Sakura, the stack effect will not activate. It is worth keeping in mind that Erwin is a Legendary unit, which means that you have a 2 percent chance of summoning him.

How to collect Gems

As previously mentioned, you need gems to participate in the summoning activity. One pull costs approximately 50 gems, and you get the chance to pull 10 times.

There are various methods you can use to acquire gems, however, the most common way is by completing levels in the story mode. You can earn 75 gems for every level you complete.

Additionally, you can complete daily quests, and enter the Time Machine to earn gems while being away-from-keyboard (AFK).

Can Sakura get traits?

There is a possibility that Sakura could receive a trait when you summon her. Traits are modifiers that change a unit’s performance on the battlefield.

There are currently more than 10 traits in the game, and Sakura can get any of them. However, she can also receive none of them, which means that she will not benefit from any additional bonuses.

Players can change a unit’s trait using a Star Remnant, however, you will not be able to select the trait you want.

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