Anime Adventures: When can you trade?

Even though there is a trading option in Anime Adventures, unfortunately, the feature has not been implemented in the game yet.

Anime Adventures is a popular tower defence video game that invites gamers to collect anime characters from different fictional worlds.

The game’s description reveals that various anime worlds have collided, bringing all villains and heroes together. You can deploy these characters on the battlefield to defeat enemies and prevent them from destroying your tower.

The game contains a variety of activities that you can enjoy. Players can complete story levels to earn rewards, summon additional units, complete raids, trade, farm gems, and evolve characters, among other things.

Even though the trade option is in the game, it is unavailable. Unfortunately, this feature is locked for all Anime Adventure players.

How to collect additional characters

Anime Adventures has a gacha system that allows you to summon varied rarities of characters with summoning currencies. Before you can participate in the summoning activity, you have to acquire gems by completing levels in the story mode.

When you have enough gems, you can go to the summon department in the game. The units available for summoning reset every hour, so it is wise to check which units are available regularly. The characters in Anime Adventures are divided into rarities, each of which have varying summoning rates.

Anime Adventures: When can you trade?
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Anime Adventures: When can you trade?

While playing Anime Adventures, you will discover various icons on the left side of the screen. Every icon serves a purpose; units allow you to view all the characters in your collection, summon opens the gacha menu, and quests list the objectives you can complete to earn rewards.

The store icon opens the exclusive in-game shop where you can purchase luck potions, additional storage, and VIP packages. In the icon list, you may notice the trade option, however, clicking on the icon will display the message, “You have not met the requirements for trading.”

This message, or something similar, appears because trading has not been implemented in the game. However, there are allegedly plans to add trading to the playing experience in the near future.

The game’s developer, Gomu, revealed on the official Discord server that there will definitely be trading in the game, but that they are also aware of potential problems, and are actively designing a system to combat and avoid these issues.

Anime Adventures: When can you trade?
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It is unknown when trading will be added to the game, but with the popularity it has garnered in a short time, it would not be surprising if it is implemented sooner rather than later. Once trading is implemented, there may be a level requirement of some sort.

Thus, players should ensure that they complete the story mode so that they can trade once it is released. If you want to be prepared for trading, it is advised that you keep any shiny units that you summon.

Although they do not possess additional bonuses, it is alleged that these units will be valuable for players who want to collect shiny units.

Unit summoning rates

The game currently has 4 rarities of units that you can summon. Some are rarer than others, so they have lower summoning rates, and others can be acquired easily, as they have higher summoning rates:

Rarity Summoning rate
Mythic 0.25 percent
Legendary 2 percent
Epic 16 percent
Rare 27.3 percent

Although the chances of summoning a Mythic character are quite small, you can improve your chances by consuming a luck potion. Luck potions can only be purchased with Robux, a premium Roblox currency which can only be purchased with real-life money.

Can materials be traded?

It is currently unknown whether players will be able to trade materials in Anime Adventures. There are various materials in the game, including Star Fruit and Star Remnants. Since it is difficult to farm these items, trading them will be much easier.

Star Remnants can be purchased from the Traveling Merchant for approximately 400 gems, but there is a small chance that you could acquire it through the summoning system. Star Fruit can be obtained by completing challenges or it can be purchased from the merchant.

These items play a crucial role in the game, as Star Fruit is used to evolve units, and Star Remnants are used to reroll a unit’s trait.

Farming gems

You need approximately 50 gems to summon a unit in Anime Adventures and there are various ways you can acquire additional gems, but it is recommended that you first focus on completing the story mode. For every story you finish, you will get 75 gems.

Additionally, you can complete side quests, participate in the infinite mode, and interact with the Time Machine. It is unknown whether players will be able to trade their gems in the near future.

There is a possibility that you will be able to use your gems to purchase units, materials, and items from other players through trading.

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