Anime Adventures: Blackbeard

Blackbeard is considered one of the best buffers in Anime Adventures, but he only has a 2 percent drop rate.

Gamers are invited to collect classic anime characters in this adventurous video game, Anime Adventures. The game’s official description states that numerous anime worlds have collided and brought all the villains and heroes together.

You now have to allocate your characters to defeat enemies and prevent them from reaching your tower.

There are more than 15 units that you can collect in Anime Adventures, and each unit has a unique ability. Moreover, each character is categorised according to their rarity.

The rarer the character is, the better it is. One of the mythical characters that you can acquire in Anime Adventures is Blackbeard.

How to procure Blackbeard

Players can get Blackbeard by going to the Summon area in the lobby area, which is to the left of the Leaderboard area.

Every Summon costs 50 gems, however, you can also use a Summon Ticket to summon a new character. But there is a possibility that you can acquire a duplicate character, which can be sold for gold.

Since Blackbeard is a Legendary character, your chances of acquiring him are 2 percent, but you can benefit from the pity system.

With each summon, you will accumulate 0.25 percent Mythical Pity and when the bar reaches 100 percent, you are guaranteed a Mythical character.

Anime Adventures: Blackbeard

Once you have procured Blackbeard through the gacha system, you can use him in battle. Before you can use him, you should select him in your unit menu. To do so, you have to open your unit menu, which you can find on the left-hand side of the menu.

Anime Adventures: Blackbeard
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In the new menu, you can discover a list of all of the characters you have collected. Players have to scroll the list until they have found Blackbeard. By clicking on his icon, you will be able to feed him, lock him, sell him, or equip him.

By equipping Blackbeard, you can use him in a battle.

Blackbeard is well-known for the curse that he places on enemies, which allows allies to deal more damage than usual. Although his assault skill is quite weak, it gets the job done.

The character has good SPA and fantastic range statistics. This, combined with his area-of-effect skills not only makes him decent in terms of combat, but it also makes him valuable in any team.

Since Blackbeard provides his allies with buffs, he is considered one of the best buffers in the game.

Can Blackbeard be evolved?

At the moment, there are only 4 characters in Anime Adventures that can be evolved. These characters all form part of the Mythic rarity, which means that Blackbeard cannot be evolved. However, you can feed him a range of varying items to increase his current level.

The higher his level is, the more powerful his abilities and skills will be.

Does Blackbeard have a trait?

There is a possibility that Blackbeard will have a unique trait when you summon him. There are numerous traits in Anime Adventures, but some are regarded as better than others.

If you are not happy with his current trait, you will be able to reroll the trait using Star Remnants, or Robux, which is the premium Roblox currency.

The best traits in the game currently are Divine and Golden. When Blackbeard has the Golden trait, he will have a 10 percent damage boost, but he will also receive 20 percent more Yen every time he receives money.

Moreover, the trait increases average damage-per-second by 10 percent, while Divine increases his damage and rage by 20 percent. It also reduces his SPA by 10 percent.

His average DPS is also increased by 33 percent when he has the Divine trait.

How to get Gems

As previously mentioned, you need Gems to perform a summon in the gacha system. Gems are the in-game currency, and they can be used for several things. There are many methods that you can use to acquire gems, such as completing the daily events and story quests.

Alternatively, you can earn gems by completing the daily wave infinite mode. Players can also get gems by completing story mode stages and challenges.

Moreover, you can get gems by replaying story mode levels and challenges. You can also farm gems while you are away-from-keyboard in the time machine.

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