World Flipper Dark Team build

Even though players can slot any unit in a team, in Dark Flipper, it is recommended that they slot units that work well together.


World Flipper is a newly released pin-ball mobile game. The storyline begins when two lost souls caused a shift in the universe, and the planets revealed themselves in their full splendour. A girl and a boy met in a forgotten village, a speck of dust in a limitless sky. The boy could not remember his past, while the girl could not picture her future.

For some time, they lived together in friendship and peace. However, fate soon struck like a lightning bolt, bringing with it a power that would change their lives forever. The power came in the form of Light, who was once a champion in a faraway world, but is not transformed into a rabbit-like creature. The champion is being hunted by agents of the Dark Throne. As if to wake the boy and girl to defeat the evil force, the village rumbled and shifted. Then, the girl stated, “World Flipper activated.”

The game allows players to travel across multiple worlds, each with its own characters to meet and mysteries to solve. Players can also team up with their friends and link skill chains together to defeat nightmarish foes.

World Flipper currently features various characters, also known as units for players to collect. Each unit is beautifully illustrated with episodic story arcs for players to unlock. It is important to note that each character has unique skills and abilities. Players should thus carefully consider which characters to use in their team.

Players are able to build multiple teams, such as a wind team, water team, dark team and fire team among others. It is important that players consider the units in their teams carefully, as some units work better together than others.

Dark Team build


It is advised that players use Vernon as the leader of the party. His leader ability increases the attacks of dark units by 65 percent. Vernon also features a skill that deals dark damage to enemies for 10 seconds. Additionally, it grants an attack buff of 100 percent for 12 seconds. Lastly, the skill applies a penetration buff to all units.


Vernon’s penetration buff allows units to pass through enemies, instead of bouncing off them. His first ability, applies an attack buff of 30 percent. While his second ability increases the attack of all units by 60 percent, if they have the penetration buff applied.

It is important to note that the third ability will only be activated when Vernon is the main unit. This ability increases his own attacks by 30 percent. Additionally, he deals more damage to beast, dragon, spirit and undead enemies.


It is also recommended that players slot Clarisse as Vernon’s sub-unit. Her skills deal fire damage in front of her, and they lower fire resistance by 25 percent for 30 seconds. Additionally, they remove a buff from the enemy.


Her first ability increases skill damage by 15 percent. It also fills the skill gauge by 80 percent. This will help Vernon to use his skills sooner. Clarisse’s second ability increases damage by 40 percent when her skill activates. However, the bonus damage increases up to a maximum of 120 percent.

Clarisse’s third ability only applies when she is the main unit. This means that the skill would not activate. However, the skill increases the skill gauge by 15 percent for every five enemies defeated.


It is recommended that players slot Liam as a main unit. He is a four-star dark unit, which means he benefits from Vernon’s 65 percent attack boost. Liam’s skill does dark damage in the area for 10 seconds, and it also conjures up a dark sword to damage enemies.


Liam’s first ability increases his own attack by 30 percent when the party has a penetration buff.  While his second ability fills his skill gauge by eight percent every time a dark unit uses a skill.

As Liam is a main unit, his third ability will activate. It grants a penetration buff to the party every time he uses a skill. The effect lasts for five seconds.

Sha Susu

Players can slot Sha Susu as Liam’s sub unit. Sha Susu specializes in boosting the skills and abilities of the leader unit. Her skill fills the leader’s skill gauge by 30 percent, and applies a buff attack of 120 percent for 15 seconds.

Sha Susu

Sha Susu’s first ability increases Vernon’s attack power by 20 percent. While her second ability increases the leader’s attack power by 10 percent every time the main unit activates a skill. Since Sha Susu is a sub unit, her third will not activate.


Marianne is the last main unit in the party. She is a four-star dark unit that benefits from Vernon’s 65 percent attack bonus. Marianne’s skill shoots a beam at an enemy. It is recommended that players use her skill first before they activate Vernon and Lian’s skills to maximize damage.


Her first ability increases all dark units’ attack by 12 percent. While the second ability increases dark units’ skill damage by 20 percent every time, she uses a skill. Marianne’s last ability fills her skill gauge by 100 percent when she activates her skill.


For Marianne’s sub unit, players can slot Cagliostro. Her main job is to keep the team alive long enough to deal damage. Cagliostro’s first ability increases the healing received by the party by five percent every time she uses a skill.


Her second ability increases her own skill damage by 20 percent every time she is healed. Since she is a sub-unit, her third ability will not activate.


The following table indicates the main, and sub units for the Dark Team:

Main unit Sub unit
Vernon Clarisse
Liam Sha Susu
Marianne Cagliostro

It is advised that players slot Vernon as the leader of the party, as he features the best leader skills.

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