World Flipper: Team Building guide

Team Building in World Flipper can be very complicated, players should thus look at their healer’s skills and abilities before selecting the rest of the team.


World Flipper is a popular pin-ball mobile game, developed by Cygames, Inc. and published by Kakao Games. It all started when two lost souls caused a shift in the cosmos, and the planets revealed themselves in their full splendour.

A girl and boy met in a forgotten village, a speck of dust in a limitless sky. The boy could not remember his past, while she could not picture her future.

 For some time, they resided together in peace and friendship, before fate struck like a lightning bolt, bringing with it a power that would change their lives forever.

The power came in the form of Light, once a champion from a faraway world, now transformed into a rabbit. The champion was being pursued by agents of the Dark Throne.

As if to wake the girl and boy to fight the hostile force, the village shifted and rumbled. Then, the girl stated, “World Flipper activated.” The game invites players to travel across multiple worlds, each with their own friends to meet and mysteries to solve.

Players are also able to team up with friends and link skill chains together to defeat nightmarish foes. Additionally, players can pair their units and combine their abilities to find the perfect duo.

World Flipper currently features multiple characters for players to choose from. Each character is beautifully illustrated, with episodic story arcs to unlock.

It is important to note that every player has unique abilities and skills, players should thus carefully consider which characters to use in a team.

World Flipper: Team Building guide

Creating a team

Some players may be very confused about the team building feature in World Flipper. Luckily, many experienced players have created builds to help them.

However, players who follow a specific team build may not have all the characters the build recommends. It is thus important that players know how to create an efficient team without the help of team builds.

When it comes to team placement, it is recommended that players do not place characters randomly in the team. This is due to the fact that the characters will be deployed in order.

The first unit is placed on the top, while the second unit is in the middle and the third unit is positioned in the back.

It is recommended that players place the unit that deals the highest amount of damage in the first unit. This unit is going to have the most contact with enemies.

For the second unit, players need to place the character who deals the second highest damage, as they will have the second most contact with the enemies. Additionally, players can place a supporting character who will be able to reduce the enemy’s resistance.

The third unit will not have a lot of contact with the enemies, therefore players can slot a pure support, healer or a tank in the third unit.

Players should thus slot their tank at the back, a support or damage dealer in the middle, and a carrying damage dealer in the front.

Next up, players need to choose a unit that they like that has a good leader buff and that can carry the team. Additionally, the leader unit needs to deal a good amount of damage.

When creating a team, players should look at the units’ skills, abilities and buffs. It is important to note that some of the characters are not necessarily the best units.

However, they are the units that work best within a certain element. The element that the players choose for their account will affect the units that can be placed in various teams.

Players should keep in mind that they are able to create multiple teams. Therefore, they should have their teams ready for different game modes, whether it is specific elemental dungeons or specific elemental boss battles. It is thus clear that players will need different types of formations.

How to build a main team

Even though players can build a team any way they want, it is recommended that players follow a specific method to be successful.

When building a new team, the first thing players should do is figure out who the healer is. Healing is something that players are going to need, especially early in the game.

The healer is a good starting point to figure out how to build the rest of the squad. It is recommended that players choose their highest grade and most potent healer.

For example, players can use Fyria as the healing unit. Fyria features the recovery skill, Superior Breeze. This skill receives the blessing of the wind and restores the health of all the units. This effect boosts all wind units and grants levitate to all allies.

It is important that players pay attention to the healer’s abilities and skills. Since Fyria boosts all wind units, players should use wind element characters to create the rest of the team.

However, this differs from unit to unit. If the healer provides a boost to a specific element, it indicates that the rest of the team should consist out of that element.

After selecting a healer, it is recommended that players sort their units according to the unit the healer provides a boost to. When using Fyria as a healer, players should sort the units by the wind element. Thus, only wind units will appear on-screen.

Players then can select units who complement the healer the most. It is recommended that players look at all the units’ skills and abilities to determine which unit would be the best choice.

In Fyria’s case, players need to select units that have a levitate buff. When looking at skills and abilities, players can also determine which unit will be the best leader for the team.

Leon can be a crucial unit in Fyria’s team. However, he would not be the leader as Fyria offers a better leadership buff. Players can add Arisa in the team, as one of her skills will feed off of the levitate mechanic.

Additionally, Arisa offers the team a combination-based leadership buff, which can be the better option due to the levitate mechanic.

Even when players have already created a team, it is recommended that they read through the other units’ abilities and skills once more.

There is a chance that players might discover that a certain character would be a better fit in their team. With regard to the Fyria example, Nimbus might be a better fit than Arisa, due to the power flip mechanic.

When looking at Nimbus, Fyria and Leon’s leadership skills, it is clear that Leon would make the best leader.

Leon has the ability to increase attacks by 30 percent and he provides an additional 30 percent power flip damage. Leon would also be the best fit for the first position in the team, due to his shield skill.

It is also recommended that players place Nimbus in the second slot, and Fyria in the last slot. This makes it possible for Leon to provide Fyria with additional protection.

It is important to note that this team is built on the power flip mechanic. However, players can choose any mechanic to build a team on.

For example, if players want to build a team based on the penetration, they need to look for units that are going to play off of the penetration mechanic. Additionally, players should add units that will receive buffs from the penetration mechanic.

It is very important that players create a team with a healing unit, a damage dealing unit and a unit who can shield the team when needed. It could be that players create teams with lower ranked characters; however, it may be one of the best teams they ever created.

Players should remember that not all units are created to become part of a team. For example, Mia should not be used in a regular team. She would be a better fit in a mana farming group due to her unique skills and abilities.

How to build a backup team

One of the most important things players should consider when choosing backup units, is their abilities. It is recommended that players determine which units are going to complement the main units’ skills and abilities the most.

When looking at Fryria, players should select a unit that will increase her healing abilities the most while doing damage. One of the unit’s players can choose as Fyria’s backup is Arisa, as she has the ability to recover vitality (HP) and has some damage skills

While Leon has the ability to do damage by shooting a tornado towards the enemies. It is thus recommended that players select a back-up unit that will increase Leon’s penetration. Players can select Veyron as Leon’s backup.


Creating a team in World Flipper can be a very confusing process. It is recommended that players first select their most potent healer. After choosing a healer, players need to study her skills and abilities in order to choose the remaining units.

The healer thus indicates what team the player needs to build. If the healer has penetrative abilities, players need to select a team that will receive boosts and buffs off the penetrative mechanic.

This might mean that players do not select the best units. However, players will have a strong, unbeatable team. Players should ensure that their team consists out of a healing unit, a high damage dealing unit, and a unit that can shield the team when needed.

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