World Flipper release date

World Flipper recently revealed that the game is scheduled for release on Wednesday, 8 September 2021, however, players are still able to pre-register.

World Flipper is an upcoming pinball adventure. Once the game is released, players will be able to recruit characters in a gacha system, then add them to their party to complete stages. The stages consist of different pinball tables, each with a different difficulty level.

On the official website, the description states, “It all started when the coming together of two lost souls caused a shift in the cosmos, and all the planets revealed themselves in their full splendour. A boy and a girl met in a forgotten village; a mote of dust lost in an infinite sky.”

The description continues, “He could not remember his past, and she could not picture her future. For a while, they dwelt together in peace and friendship, until fate struck like a bolt of lightning, bringing with its power that would change their lives forever.”

Furthermore, it describes a power that came in the form of Light, who was once a great champion but has now transformed into a rabbit-like creature. The former champion was being hunted by agents of the Dark Throne. The description goes on to add, “As if to rouse the boy and girl to fight back against that malignant force, the village shifted and rumbled. Then the girl spoke, ‘World Flipper activated.’”

Players are still able to pre-register for World Flipper. However, the game already unlocked all of the pre-registration rewards. This means that players who did not pre-register in time missed out on some amazing rewards. Players who want to pre-register can simply go to the App store, Google Play store, or the official website.

Pre-registered players that registered in time received a four-star Arisa and a total of 2 500 Lodestar Beads. However, these rewards are only obtainable once the game is officially released. World Flipper recently took to Twitter to reveal that the game is scheduled to launch on Wednesday, 8 September 2021.

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