World Flipper: Sha Susu

It is believed that Sha Susu is one of the best units in World Flipper, due to her versatile skills and abilities.

World Flipper is a new pin-ball mobile game, developed and published by Kakao Games. The storyline starts when two lost souls cause a shift in the cosmos and the planets reveal themselves in their full splendour.

A girl and boy met in a bygone village, a speck of dust in a limitless sky. The girl could not picture her future, while the boy cannot remember his past.

For some time, they lived together in peace and friendship. However, fate struck like a lightning bolt, bringing with it a power that would change their lives forever.

The power came in the form of Light, and was once a champion from a faraway world, now transformed into a rabbit-like creature. The champion was being hunted by agents of the Dark Throne.

As if to wake the girl and boy to defeat the hostile force, the village shifted and rumbled. Then, the girl stated, “World Flipper activated.”

The game invites players to travel across multiple worlds, each with their own characters to meet and to solve mysteries. Players are also able to team up with their friends and link skill chains together to defeat nightmarish foes.

Additionally, players can pair their units and combine their abilities to create the perfect duo.

World Flipper currently features multiple characters for players to collect. Each character is beautifully illustrated, with episodic story arcs for players to unlock.

It is important to note that every player has unique abilities and skills, players should thus carefully consider which characters to use in their team. One of the characters they can obtain is Sha Susu.

Sha Susu

It is believed that Sha Susu is one of the best characters in World Flipper. Even though she is only a three-star unit, she features powerful skill gauge refills and useful leader buffs. Sha Susu forms part of the Thunder element and takes on a supporting role in combat.

Sha Susu’s skills and abilities

The following table indicates Sha Susu’s skills and abilities:

Skills Abilities
Sha Susu is able to increase the leader’s skill gauge by 30 percent while granting a skill damage buff. She has the ability to increase the group leader’s attack power by 20 percent.
  Each time players activate the skill, the leader’s attack power will increase by a maximum of 40 percent.
  When Sha Susu is the main character of the team, at the start of each battle, her skill gauge will increase by 100 percent. Additionally, the leader’s attack power will increase by 10 percent.

In addition to the abovementioned skills and abilities, Sha Susu also features a leader buff. The buff will increase all party members’ skill damage by 60 percent.

She is a fantastic support unit due to her universal skill set. Since there are no type restrictions, Elemental restrictions or Race Restrictions, she will easily fit into any team.

Team composition

It is believed that Sha Susu can be very powerful in most skill damage teams, no matter the element. This is due to her universal buff, which increases the skill damage output of the team leader.

Her ability to buff the leader’s attack power and skill gauge makes her the perfect fit in teams that are very leader-centric.

Opinions on Sha Susu

It is believed that Sha Susu is one of the most potent units in World Flipper. This is due to her overall versatility that allows her to fit into any team.

Sha Susu is deemed as a hidden five-stare unit by many veteran players because there are not many replacements to her kit.

Her ability to make the party leader more powerful makes her a strong supporting unit. Sha Susu is recommended for all players in the game because the cost of investing in her is very low, and players will get a powerful unit.

It is important to note that Sha Susu does not really produce a skill damage output. It is thus advised that players do not use her as the party leader.

However, they can use her as a supporting unit in the main slot. That being said, it is recommended that players use her in the Unison slot.

The following table indicates Sha Susu’s position ratings:

Position Rating
Leader A-tier
Main S-tier
Unison SS-tier


In World Flipper, players are able to collect various units, one of which is Sha Susu. Even though she is a three-star unit, it is believed that she is one of the best characters in the game due to her versatile skills and abilities.

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