STFC: Xindi Scraps

STFC Commanders can defeat the new Xindi hostile to earn Xindi Scraps, which can be exchanged for Ex-Borg Credits

Scopely recently implemented update 62 into Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) and it revealed that players can now encounter a new enemy known as the Xindi.

The Xindi are unlike any other hostile as they have the ability to bypass your shields completely.

Xindi Scraps

Commanders level 40 and higher can travel to 15 new systems which are home to the new Xindi hostiles.

Keep in mind, though, that defeating the Xindi is no easy task, however, you can unlock favors to make the fight against the Xindi significantly easier.

Once you are in a Xindi system, you can attack and hopefully vanquish a Wanted Xindi-Reptilian Warship, a Xindi-Reptilian Warship.

Both hostile types drop Xindi Scraps while only the Wanted Xindi-Reptilian Warships drop Xindi Bounties. Commanders can exchange their Xindi Scraps for Ex-Borg Credits in the in-game store.

Normally, you will receive Common and Uncommon Credits, but there is a chance that you will get Rare and Epic Credits by exchanging your Xindi Scraps.

STFC: Xindi Scraps
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Once you have acquired some Ex-Borg Credits, you can use them to purchase Favors, which will provide your fleet with a variety of bonuses.

Ex-Borg Faction Store

After defeating a Xindi hostile and exchanging your Xindi Scraps for Ex-Borg Credits, you can go to the Ex-Borg Faction Store. Keep in mind, though, that this store is only available to commanders level 38 and higher.

Players can use their Xindi Scraps to purchase Ex-Borg Credits, which can then be used to purchase Favors to enhance your fleet’s capabilities.


Since the update was implemented, commanders can unlock more than 25 favors, which are similar to the already existing Bajoran and Wave Defense Favors.

Before you can defeat the Xindi, you have to unlock the new Favor, Particle Beam Delay. This Favor is crucial to your success in disrupting the Xindi weapon systems.

In addition to the Particle Beam Delay, you need to unlock Xindi Escalation, Borg Armada Spoils and the Critical Damage Floor Favor to ensure that you successfully vanquish the Xindi.

Favor costs

STFC players should note that they can upgrade their Favors by using Ex-Borg Credits, which can be acquired by exchanging your Xindi Scraps.

The table below lists the cost of upgrading a range of Favors:

Favor Upgrade costs
Xindi Escalation
  • Level 1: 1800 Common Credits
  • Level 2: 3000 Common Credits
  • Level 3:1390 Uncommon Credits
  • Level 4: 2160 Uncommon Credits
  • Level 5: 3000 Uncommon Credits
Particle Beam Display
  • Level 1: 960 Common Credits
  • Level 2:  1390 Common Credits
  • Level 3: 1090 Common Credits
Critical Damage Floor
  • Level 1: 3120 Uncommon Credits
  • Level 2:  4880 Uncommon Credits
  • Level 3: 6760 Uncommon Credits
  • Level 4: 4400 Rare Credits
  • Level 5:  6410 Rare Credits
Borg Armada Spoils
  • Level 1: 960 Uncommon Credits

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