STFC: Xindi Crew

To successfully vanquish the Xindi from STFC’s galaxy, commanders have to use a specific crew combination.

Star Trek Fleet Command’s update 62, which was released on Tuesday, 9 January 2024, revealed that there is now a new enemy in the game known as the Xindi.

Even though commanders can use any officers and crew combinations to vanquish the Xindi, this is not advised.

Some officers and crew combinations will be more effective against this new hostile, therefore, you should decide which officers you want to use strategically.

If you want to get the most kills per hull when fighting the Xindi, we recommend that you use Pike, Moreau and T’Laan.

You can also use Pike, Cath and T’Laan as they are also very effective against the Xindi, but you should only use Cath if he is tier 3 or higher.

Commanders who are more interested in gaining as much loot as possible should use Enterprise-E Data, Enterprise-E Picard with 5 of 11 on the bridge and the Doctor below decks. Players can also assign Tendi and Mariner below the decks to deal more damage.

According to YouTuber, Rev Deuce, there is a chance that Scopely will introduce some changes to the Xindi hostiles.

But he believes that the developers will only change the loot that the enemies drop and not their strength. Deuce also mentioned that it is highly unlikely that the crew recommendations for the Xindi hostiles will change.

We therefore suggest that you always use the recommended crew members when defeating the Xindi.

STFC: Xindi Crew
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Fighting the Xindi

Players may encounter a Battleship or an Explorer Xindi hostile and then expect the enemies to have energy-based weapons, however, this is not the case. The Xindi have 6 unique weapons that they can use to defeat your fleet.

Thus, you should keep in mind that the Xindi has 5 kinetic weapons and one weapon referred to as the ‘go home gun’ as it deals 100 billion damage 5 times every round.

However, if you have the Xindi favor unlocked, you will not experience the ‘go home weapon,’ and this will make the fight against the Xindi significantly easier.

Xindi’s abilities

Similarly to other hostiles in STFC, Xindi have 3 unique abilities which you may encounter while fighting them. The following table lists the Xindi’s abilities and a description of each:

Ability Description
Blade’s Tip When the fight starts, all damage that this hostile does completely misses your shields.
Doomed Species At the beginning of the round, the Xindi reduces your critical hit damage by 500 percent for 2 rounds.
Xindi Weaponry Once the round is complete, the Xindi fires a Particle Beam which deals lethal damage to your ship.


Update 62 introduced 25 new Ex-Borg favors that will provide your fleet with several benefits.

These favors will enhance your combat capabilities against the new Xindi-Reptilian hostiles, so we recommend that you unlock these favors as soon as possible.

STFC players level 40 and higher can unlock these favors:

  • Xindi Escalation
  • Particle Beam Delay
  • Critical Floor
  • Borg Armada Spoils
  • Explorer Parts Plunder
  • Battleship Parts Plunder
  • Interceptor Parts Plunder
  • Galaxy Plundering
  • Monaveen Barrage Amplifier
  • Defensive Repair Stance
  • Explorer Emergency Protocol
  • Battleship Emergency Protocol
  • Interceptor Emergency Protocol
  • Explorer PvP Mending
  • Battleship PvP Mending
  • Interceptor PvP Mending
  • Offensive Repair Stance
  • Combat Stratagem
  • Choice Material Construction
  • Choice Resource Construction
  • Pure Axionic Servos
  • Survey Assembly Line
  • Explorer Assembly Line
  • Battleship Assembly Line
  • Interceptor Assembly Line

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