STFC: Xindi Tech Module

The Enterprise NX-01 vessel in STFC has a unique loop which allows players to acquire Xindi Tech Modules, which can be exchanged for Opportunity Chips

Star Trek Fleet Command’s latest update revealed that the Second Temporal Cold War rages on as Xindi forces turn their backs on those who would have called them allies. Commanders level 40 and higher can now construct the Enterprise NX-O1.

If you upgrade this vessel, you will receive unique rewards, including the new officer, Picard Hugh and new Ex-Borg Favors. The NX-01 will also improve the sourcing of Ex-Borg credits, which are used in the Ex-Borg faction bundles and Favors.

STFC: Xindi Tech Module
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This ship also comes with a unique Refinery, which contains several rewards, such as Ex-Borg Credits of all rarities, exclusive shards for Pichard Hugh and the NX-01 refit.

Similarly to some vessels in STFC, the NX-01 has a loop that you can follow to obtain unique items.

This loop requires that players use a Travel Token to fly to Tokened Delphic Expanse systems, in which you will find Xindi-Aquatic hostiles.

If you vanquish these hostiles from the galaxy, you will receive a variety of loot, including Xindi Tech Modules.

Commanders can exchange their Xindi Tech Modules for Opportunity Chips in the NX-01’s refinery.

When you have obtained Opportunity Chips, you can either select the Safe or the Risky reward path, both of which grant various amounts of Ex-Borg Faction Credits.

You can use your Ex-Borg Faction Credits to claim Ex-Borg Faction Bundles, or you can use them to purchase Ex-Borg Favors.

Players can also use their credits to upgrade the NX-01. When you have completed these activities, you can restart the loop again by exchanging Xindi Scraps for Delphic Expanse Travel Tokens, which are used to travel to Tokened Delphic Expanse systems.

Xindi-Aquatic Cruiser location

Players have to travel to Delphic Expanse systems to find the Xindi-Aquatic Cruiser enemies. Keep in mind though that an enemy’s level determines the system they can be found in:

Xindi-Aquatic Cruiser Level Systems
  • Juuska
  • Faden
  • Dakhso
  • Tamhluch
  • Paynax
  • Emissius
  • Anorlo
  • Taskeh
  • Meedra
  • Tebith
  • Mobhi
  • Glensha
  • Yoton

We recommend that you consider your current level before trying to defeat one of these hostiles. Players should either battle the same level of enemy that they are on at the time, or an enemy lower than their current level.

Xindi-Aquatic Cruiser details

There are several aspects of the Xindi-Aquatic Cruiser enemies that you should consider before you attempt to defeat them. The table below lists the enemies’ details:

Feature Details
Strength of the Ibix The enemies have 10 shots per weapon and all damage that they deal completely ignores player shields. This effect can make the fight against the Xindi more difficult
Be Like Water When the round commences, the Xindi-Aquatic Cruisers reduce players’ critical hit damage by 2500% for 2 rounds.
Xindi Might At the end of every round, the Xindi-Aquatic Cruisers fires 9 shots from its super weapon which deals lethal damage to the enemy players’ ships.


As previously mentioned, you need the NX-01 refinery to acquire Xindi Tech Module, which essentially means that you have to build the vessel. In order to construct the ship, your Shipyard has to be at least level 40.

If you meet this requirement, you can acquire 1 or 2 NX-01 blueprints from the Ex-Borg Store daily. However, players who are interested in unlocking the entire ship can go to the “Offers” tab to purchase the necessary items to construct it.

You may have to use real money for a complete unlock. Players who are not willing to spend real money in the game will have to acquire the blueprints from the Ex-Borg Store.

Although it can take some time to construct the ship, especially in the free-to-play path, it is worth constructing.

This is because it guarantees drops of Ex-Borg credits across all rarities and it gives you access to all the Favors and Bundles within the Ex-Borg faction store.

STFC: Archer and Shran Trivia
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PIC Hugh

STFC players who build the NX-01 will not only be able to procure Xindi Tech Module, but they will also be able to collect PIC Hugh’s character shards. The greater the tier of your NX-01, the more shards you will get.

Similarly to other officers, PIC Hugh has a range of skills that you can use to defeat enemies:

Ability type Name Description
Officer Ability Plan for the Future Increases the amount of raw Ore, Crystal and Gas collected while mining with any ship without draining the mining node faster.
Below Deck Ability Reclaiming Lives At the end of every round of combat, he repairs a certain percentage of hull damage taken during that round of combat.

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