STFC: Automated Defenses

Automated Defenses in STFC can increase your survey ship’s base damage when you are being attacked while harvesting resources.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is an exciting game that combines role-playing elements with strategic battles. Since the game follows the Kelvin chronology from the classic Star Trek series, you will likely come across iconic characters from the series in the game.

In addition to completing the main story quests, you can construct ships, mine resources, explore star systems, and attack players.

When you first start playing STFC, your main focus should be increasing your operations level, so that you can unlock new ships and officers.

One of the ship types you can acquire is Survey ships, which are used to mine resources. Since it has low defences, it is quite easy to defeat. Luckily, you can now use automated defences while mining.


Although the ships in STFC may seem insignificant to some, they are your primary way to explore the galaxy and participate in combat.

There are different ships that you can acquire, each of which has a specific objective. Players can procure interceptors, explorers, battleships, and survey ships.

Interceptors, explorers, and battleships have accompanying strengths and weaknesses. You will be at a slight advantage in battle if you use the correct ship type.

Survey ships are specifically made for the purpose of mining and carrying resources. However, you can still participate in battle with a survey ship, but they are not very good at defeating enemies or other players.

STFC: Automated Defenses
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STFC: Automated Defenses

Since survey ships’ main objective is to mine and carry resources, they do not have the defences that other combat ships have. This essentially means that they are extremely easy to defeat, especially when mining resources.

STFC’s developer, Scopely, occasionally updates the game through patches. These patch updates sometimes also introduce new features, officers, and activities that you can enjoy.

Update 47.1 introduces the Automated Defences feature, which is a new ability in the store and from the Bajoran faction. It can be applied to Grade 3 and Grade 4 Faction Survey Ships, but it requires the new currency, Orb Splinters.

Players can get the Orb Splinters by purchasing it with real-life money. Alternatively, you can acquire the currency if you have a high enough reputation with the Bajoran faction.

When the Automated Defenses ability is active, the survey ship will have drastically increased combat power while mining on a research node. In other words, the ship becomes more difficult to defeat.

The in-game description of Automated Defenses reveals that when a player attacks you on a mining node, your combat officer abilities are negated, but you obtain a 5000 percent base damage increase.

You will also benefit from a 3 percent additional shot for the duration of the combat. Moreover, you delay the enemy weapon fire for 8 rounds.

It is noteworthy that only certain survey ships can benefit from these aspects, namely, the USS Antares, Valkis, K’vort, USS Hydra, Vorta Vor, and the B’Chor.

Bajoran faction

The Bajoran faction is one of the factions in STFC, and it is one of the oldest cultures in the Alpha Quadrant. Unlike other factions, the Bajoran faction is positive only, which means that it is impossible to lose reputation with this faction.

To unlock the faction, your operations have to be on at least level 35, and you have to complete the quest, One Man’s Villain Part 5, or you can complete Doctor Tailor Soldier Spy Part 5.

You can earn reputation points by purchasing the daily reputation chest from the in-game store.

Can survey ships be upgraded?

Similarly to other ships in STFC, the survey ships can be upgraded, but they have to be docked at your station for this. You can begin the upgrade process by clicking on the ship to open the ship menu.

At the bottom of the screen in the new menu, you can click on the manage button and select the upgrade option. On the upgrade screen, you will notice that you can use ship experience points to level up the ship.

Keep in mind that you may need to upgrade specific components of the ship to benefit from a powerful statistical boost. Once you have upgraded all of the components, you unlock the next tier.

What is the best team composition for extractions and research?

Although you can use any crew composition for a survey ship, you should use officers that will benefit your ship most while mining.

The best team composition for extractions and research is Bones, Spock, and Kirk, and Spock should be allocated as the captain of the ship.

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