STFC: Voyager Mining

During STFC’s Voyager Part 2, you have to mine Anomaly Samples with the USS Voyager, however, it does not have a great cargo hold.

Players can encounter iconic characters such as Spock, Kirk and Nero in this adventurous video game, Star Trek Fleet Command. In order to progress in STFC, you have to recruit officers, build ships, mine resources and vanquish enemies.

In various quests, introduced with update 55, players have to mine with the USS Voyager.

STFC: Voyager Mining

Update 55, which was released on Tuesday, 6 June 2023, introduced the USS Voyager, which is an iconic ship that has been thrust into an unknown section of space with one objective: to get home.

Players can add this vessel to their arsenal and complete a selection of missions, some of which require that you mine resources.

In the USS Voyager menu, you will find various tasks to complete. These tasks include, but are not limited to, activating the USS Voyager Abilities, vanquishing hostiles in the Delta Quadrant and vanquishing Species 8472 Bio-Ships.

In addition to these tasks, players must use their USS Voyager to harvest Anomaly Samples in the Delta Quadrant. You therefore have to mine with the new ship to complete this task.

On the official Discord channel an STFC player, Jawarrior2001, explained that players can mine the materials in the new Transwarp systems, which are next to the Hirogen Hunter systems, FSEP-505.

STFC: Voyager Mining
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Voyager’s Cargo Hold

The Voyager allegedly has a terrible cargo hold, which means that you have to mine the resources several times to collect the amount that you need to complete a task.

Jawarrior2001 also mentioned that if you mine the rare materials, you need 250 000 of them.

However, the Voyager has a terrible cargo load and even if you use maximum cargo officers, you will have less than 10 000 at tier-1.

If you complete the research, you will mine approximately 1.4 million per hour with the Voyager. Reportedly, if you use an actual mining vessel, you will not even acquire 500 an hour.

Voyager research

Update 55 introduced a new research tree for the USS Voyager, which not only allows players to enhance the vessel, but also allows them to procure fleetwide buffs.

In the Starships tree, you will discover a research node called High Resolution Imaging.

This node increases the base mining rate of common and rare Anomaly Samples for the USS Voyager.

Players can commence the research if they have met all the necessary requirements. You can either complete the research instantly, or wait for a period of time to complete it.

Why do you need to mine Anomaly Samples?

STFC players have to upgrade their USS Voyager regularly. In order to upgrade the vessel, you need to refine Exotic Biotoxins and Anomaly Samples.

You can mine Anomaly Samples in various systems, including FSEP-505, FSEP-3819, FSEP-247 and FSEP-001. Exotic Biotoxins, on the other hand, can be acquired by vanquishing Species 8472 Bioships in the Velixys system.

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