STFC: Update 51

Scopely recently announced that STFC will receive new missions, a new ship and several new officers with Update 51.

In this adventurous mobile game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) you can encounter iconic characters from the Star Trek series. It is your responsibility to build unique ships, collect officers and explore a vast space galaxy.

Scopely, STFC’s developer, regularly updates the game and they recently released Update 51.

STFC Updates

Scopely constantly updates STFC to ensure that the game does not become repetitive. Update 51 is, largely, quite similar to previous updates, as it introduces several new character and item features for players to enjoy.

In addition to releasing new content features, Scopely also fixes known issues.

Update 51, as with all updates, ensures that STFC does not get monotonous by introducing new in-game content and it allows the developers to repair known and emerging gameplay issues.

STFC: Update 51

On Tuesday, 7 February 2023, Scopely released update 51’s patch notes. The patch notes reveal that Update 51 introduced, amongst others, Vi’Dar Talios, The Expansion Cube, Additional Diplomacy Markers, Hailing Frequencies, new Officers and new missions.

The Vi’dar Talios or Talios, an Anti Borg Ship, can only be unlocked once you have reached operations level 35 and tier 9 with Vi’Dar. Bear in mind that you have to complete the mission, They Have Adapted to start your journey to create the Vi’dar Talios.

The first part of the mission is available immediately, while the second part will only be released later in February 2023. The Tailos provides your fleet with various bonuses, such as an increase in rewards from the Borg Refinery.

You will also have access to new Borg systems that feature higher level Borg probes. The ship also provides your feet with greatly increased Inert Nanprobes from the new Borg probes, which reduces daily hostile kills required for the Borg Refinery.

You will also unlock the ability to take on a new group Armada Targets and you will receive loot bonuses for Expansion Cubes.

It is essential to remember that the Talios has its own research tree, which is listed below:

Research Description
Vinculum Scrapper Increased Vinculum Fragments dropped by Expansion Cubes using the Vi’dar Talios by 5000 percent.
Prime Inert Nanoprobes Increased Inert Nanoprobes dropped from Borg Probes while using the Tailos.
Talios Warm Range It increases the Talios’ warp range
Reclaimator Increases Borg Solo Armada Credits dropped from Borg Solo Amaradas while using Talios

The Expansion Cube

Players can join their alliance to defeat The Expansion Cube, which is equipped with Gravimetric Torpedoes hardpoints that deal massive damage to any ship.

Talios is the only ship capable of countering The Expansion Cube by gaining the Foreknowledge buff from Borg Spheres Borg Solo Armadas.

You can gain the Foreknowledge buff automatically when you defeat any Borg Sphere Solo Armada with the Talios and a fleet of your strongest ships.

Once you have the buff, you can coordinate with your allies to combine your buffed Talios into a group armada to defeat The Expansion Cubes.

New Missions

There are several new missions you can complete in STFC. The main story of the game received 11 core missions that are mandatory to complete. Moreover, you have 7 Vi’dar Talios quests you have to complete in order to construct the ship.

Players can also enjoy 10 new side missions and although it is not mandatory to complete these missions, they offer some compelling rewards

New Officers

There are several officers you can acquire in Update 51. The table below lists each officer’s abilities:

Officer Abilities
Borg Queen
  • Officer ability (Chaos into Order): Increases your critical hit chance when you are hit by a Borg Solo Armada.
  • Below Deck (The One who is Many): While fighting a player ship with Assimilate, she increases the ship’s armor piercing, shield piercing and accuracy.
  • Officer ability (Chokepoint): While fighting a Borg Solo Armada, he increases all officer statistics.
  • Below Deck (Adapt and Assimilate): At the start of each round, if opponents Hull health is below 95 percent, he has a chance to apply assimilate to it for 4 rounds.
  • Officer ability (Programmed to Evolve): When fighting a Borg Solo Armada, at the start of each round, he reduces the target’s Critical damage for 1 round.
  • Below Deck (Closer to Perfection): When fighting a player ship with Assimilate, Gossa increases the ship’s armor, shield deflection and dodge.

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