STFC: How to get Stella blueprints 2022

The Stella in STFC is an incredibly unique ship, however, acquiring its blueprints in 2022 is a complicated task.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is an exhilarating mobile game that invites players to indulge themselves in a fictitious space realm.

Since STFC follows the Kelvin chronology of the classic series, Star Trek, you will likely experience similar storylines, locations, and characters in the game as those in the franchise.

When you first start playing STFC, you have to complete introductory missions. You will only have a ship and a space station, but as you progress through the story, you can collect additional ships. One of the ships you can acquire is the Stella, but obtaining its blueprints can be quite a feat.


The ships in STFC are your means to explore the vast open world and to participate in battles. There are several ships that you can acquire while advancing in the game, but keep in mind that different types of ships have varying advantages and disadvantages.

There are 4 categories of ships, namely survey ships, battleships, explorers, and interceptors. Each ship has a specific purpose in the game, for example, survey ships are built to harvest resources, and the others are constructed to fight enemies.

Interceptors, battleships, and explorers have accompanying strengths and weaknesses. Players can get an advantage in battle if they select the correct ship type.

STFC: How to get Stella blueprints 2022

The Stella was launched as Harry Mudd’s ship during the Outlaws II event in July 2020. It can deal huge amounts of damage, as it is designed to fight Eclipse ships. In order to build the Stella, you have to procure 100 Blueprints, but you first have to meet certain requirements.

STFC: How to get Stella blueprints 2022
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To begin the process of obtaining the Stella, you have to complete the Stella Research. You can do this by opening your Research station and selecting the Outlaw category.

In the new menu, you will find approximately 17 aspects that you have to research, before you reach Stella Research.

Bear in mind that your shipyard has to be level 27 to start researching the Stella. It is important that you complete Stella Research, as it unlocks the ability to build the Stella, and it grants bonus shots versus all Eclipse enemies.

After completing the research, players will get access to the Outlaw Rogue in-game Store. In the store, you will see that it requires 100 Rogue Credits to purchase 10 Stella Blueprints.

To get additional Rogue Credits, players can exchange their security keys for Directives and Rogue Credits. If you need security keys, you can attack enemies in the Rogue space. You will be rewarded with approximately 14 keys for defeating an enemy.

Keep in mind that you may have to defeat multiple enemies to get enough security keys. Once you have enough Rogue Credits, you can purchase the Stellar Blueprints.

What is the Stella Research cost?

To complete the Stella Research, players need approximately 588 000 Tritanium, 1 100 000 Dilithium, and 590 3-star Common Refined Ores. Unlike some of the other resources in STFC, you cannot produce Tritanium in your base.

Instead, players have to send a ship out on an expedition to mine it. You can find Tritanium in Dyrr, Cita Laga, Palimer, Kito, and Eravan, among other places. Dilithium can be found in Muasaki, Coridan, Kaikara, Lorillia, Draken, Vulcan, and Rooth, and other places.

It is crucial that you select a survey ship to harvest these materials, but bear in mind that you may be attacked in the process.

Which ship and crew should you use to fight enemies in Rogue space?

You can use any ship to defeat these enemies, but you have to use the correct team of crew members. It is recommended that you use Grace Chen as she is one of the most effective hostile-fighting officers in STFC.

Players can procure Chen shards in both the premium and standard recruiting chests. It will cost you a total of 300 Chen Shards, 5000 Federation Credits, a science badge, and 427 500 officer experience points to successfully upgrade her.

What is Stella’s unique mechanic?

In order to improve the Stella, players must construct the ship, kill enemies, increase her level, and then scrap her. Scrapping and rebuilding the ship not only makes the ship stronger, but players get many rewards for it.

The higher the level of the Stella is, the more resources you will get from scrapping the ship. After scrapping the ship, you will get a blueprint token, which can be used in the Rogue Faction Store to acquire the necessary blueprints to rebuild the Stella.

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