STFC: How to get Rogue Credits

Players can purchase Rogue Credits from the STFC Outlaw Rogue Shop, but you first have to acquire Eclipse Security Keys.

In this mobile game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC), players can construct ships, mine resources, explore star systems, and complete missions.

Since the game follows the Kelvin chronology of the well-renowned series, Star Trek, you can engage with iconic characters from the series in the game.

Players can initially only access 1 ship and a space station, but as they progress through the story, they will get additional ships.

There are several factions in STFC, each of which has its own currency. The Rogue faction credits can be used to purchase various items, however, they can be difficult to acquire.

The Rogue faction

STFC currently has 4 factions, and players can increase their rank with every faction. It is noteworthy that the Rogue faction only unlocks once your operations have reached level 27. You will then get access to the Rogue Reputation, Rogue Faction Store, Rogue Credits, and Rogue Space.

This faction is quite similar to the Augment faction, as progressing within this faction does not impact your progression with the Klingon, Romulan, and Federation factions.

In order to increase your reputation with the Rogue faction, you have to exchange resources in the Rogue Store and defeat enemies such as Armada Targets.

STFC: How to get Rogue Credits
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STFC: How to get Rogue Credits

You should keep in mind that you can only obtain Rogue Credits after you have reached level 27 in STFC. Once you have reached the minimum level, you can access the Outlaw Rogue in-game store. In this store, you will find many items available for purchase, including Directives and Rogue Credits.

Players can purchase Directives and Rogue Credits with Eclipse security keys. You can acquire security keys by defeating hostile ships in the Rogue Space. You will get approximately 14 security keys if you defeat an enemy.

STFC: How to get Rogue Credits
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Once you have enough security keys, you can purchase Rogue Credits, which you can use to purchase an array of items in the Outlaw store.

You can use any ship to defeat enemies in Rogue space, but you have to use the correct team of crew members. It is advisable that you use Grace Chen as part of your crew because she is considered one of the most effective hostile-fighting officers in the game.

Her captain manoeuvre, Modification, adds 20 percent to the dodge, shield deflection, and armour statistics of the ship against enemies. On the other hand, her officer ability, Energy Absorber, decreases a ship’s damage by its energy weapons.

Players can procure Chen shards in the standard and premium recruiting chests. It costs approximately 300 Chen Shards, a science badge, 427 500 office experience, and 5000 Federation Points to upgrade her to her maximum level.

The Stella

The Stella is one of the many ships that you can procure in STFC. In order to unlock this ship, you first have to perform the Stella Research, which can be found in the Outlaw Research Tree. Once it is unlocked, you have to purchase 100 Blueprints from the Rogue Store.

STFC: How to get Stella blueprints 2022
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Keep in mind that these Blueprints can only be purchased with Rogue Credits. Thus, you should obtain as many Rogue Credits as soon as possible so that you can construct the Stella.

The ship’s ability, Master Thief, increases the reward that you obtain from Eclipse hostiles and Armada Targets by 200 percent at level 1. If you upgrade the ship fully, you will benefit from 600 percent reward increases.

Why am I not getting Eclipse security keys from loot?

After defeating an enemy, you will be able to loot the ship. Some players have revealed that they have not received any security keys from loot.

This is because the security keys are dropped into your cargo automatically when you defeat an Eclipse hostile and they are not inside the loot chest.

Players have to return to base to add their collected Eclipse Security Keys to their collection.

How to travel to the Rogue Space

As has been mentioned previously, you need security keys to purchase Rogue Credits. Players can acquire security keys by defeating enemies in the Rogue Space. Bear in mind that you will not initially get access to this part of the map.

Once you reach level 27, you can explore the Rogue Space. You can travel to this area in the same way that you travel to other areas in STFC. It is crucial that you consider your ship’s warp range before you select a system in Rogue Space.

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