How to level up fast in ROX: Next Generation

Levelling up in Ragnarok X: Next Generation (ROX) can seem difficult, however, players can farm monsters, use Odin’s Blessing, do CoC quests, and complete the Carnivale to gain experience faster.

Ragnarok X: Next Generation, also known as ROX, is a popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). The game has six classes, with two sub-classes for each of the six main classes. It has introduced various new mechanics into MMORPG, breathing fresh air into the saturated genre.

Anyone familiar with the Ragnarok Online franchise will know that levelling up is one of the most important factors in character progression. It is thus not a surprise that most players have prioritized levelling up their characters since Ragnarok X: Next Generation was released.

The central focus of ROX is the job classes, which fits the player into a role they want to play. When the player reaches level 10, they are able to choose their main class. While at level 50, players can select a sub-class for their main class. Players can easily reach level 30 by following the main questline. However, after reaching level 30, levelling up becomes difficult.

Five ways to level up quickly

Farming based on monster levels

Finding the best farming locations is one way to level up fast in Ragnarok X. To avoid an experience point penalty, players should always keep an in-between three-level difference. For example, if the player is on level 33, they must only farm monsters with levels between 30 and 36 to maximize their experience.

Before choosing the optimal farming spot, the first thing a player should consider is the level of distance between them and the monster they want to farm. It is best if the player refers to the monster list to find monsters that produces high experience points. The list can be found under “Recommended Training Points” under the Odin’s Blessing column.

Odin’s Blessing

Odin’s Blessing is the primary source of massive experience gains. This feature enables the player to get five times the experience from monsters. Players can obtain the blessing in two ways. Firstly, they can obtain the blessing through the Mission board and standing near Odin’s statue. Each board mission completed will give the player 140 Odin’s Blessing.

Secondly, players can obtain the blessing from being away from keyboard (AFK) in Prontera for 10 minutes. This method will give the player 600 Odin’s Blessing. Players should keep in mind that these resources can only be obtained for one day.

While farming, the Odin’s Blessing consumption will be adjusted, depending on the size of the monster. For small monsters, the player will consume one blessing per monster. For a medium monster, the player will consume two blessings per monster. While three blessings will be consumed for large monsters.

AFK grinding by forming a party

Grinding and farming is the most classic method to gain experience. In Ragnarok X, players can grind for up to 24 hours. Even though there will be less experience gained, gaining a little less is better than gaining nothing at all. However, grinding without Odin’s Blessing takes a long time to level up.

Players only need to find an empty grinding spot and choose which monster to kill with the auto-battle features. Players should remember to stock up on potions and necessities. After that, the player can go away from keyboard (AFK) for hours, and just let their character farm. Even though the amount of experience gained is not as great as when using Odin’s Blessing, AFK grinding, and farming is worth the endgame.

The best way to do AFK farming is to find an AFK party. Players can search under “Form Party”, for AFK parties and find the monsters that are within their level. Players can request to join the party and grind together with other players. The more players in the party, the faster the character will level up. When the player has used up Odin’s Blessing, they will still gain a small amount of experience while AFK.

Chamber of Commerce (CoC) quests

The Chamber of Commerce gives out 10 weekly missions. The amount of experience the player will obtain depends on the character’s level. For example, if the player is level 40, they will get 27 500 base and job experience. However, if the player is level 41, they will get 30 000 base and job experience.

It is recommended that players do the CoC missions at the end of the week to maximize the experience. The player will be at the highest level near the end of the week, compared to the start of the week.

Complete the entire Carnival

When players take a look at the Carnival column, they will find a row of daily activities that can be completed. Some of these activities can reward quite a lot of experience rows every day. As a daily activity, the player is required to complete a series of activities. However, if the player does not complete it, the daily activity will be reset the following day. Players should prioritize the Mission Board and the Daily instance, as it provides a lot of experience points.


The above-mentioned guide is fairly simple to put into action. Using the five methods, players can maximize their experience gain to help their character level up faster.

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