Secret Superhero quest in Ragnarok X: Next Generation

Many players are not aware that after they complete the four Superhero quests in Ragnarok X: Next Generation, they will receive a superhero costume.

Ragnarok X: Next Generation (ROX) is a popular mobile massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). It has maintained the spirit of the well-loved, classic Ragnarok Online. However, it has introduced new features and mechanics into the MMORPG, breathing fresh air into the already saturated genre.

The game invites players to the fantasy world of Midgard, where an evil presence threatens to tear apart the planet. Players are able to get lost in in the bright and luxuriant world with its mesmerizing art style, that captures the real charm of the game.

ROX allows players to create their own digital avatars to explore the world. These avatars can be customized by equipping costumes, powerful gear and accessories. Players can also upgrade their avatars with better equipment systems, which will enable the player to proceed further in the game.

Many players are not aware that there is a secret mission they can do in Ragnarok X: Next Generation. Doing this mission will award players with a free Superhero costume. The quest is titled Superhero, and players are able to start it in Payon East Forest. To be more specific, it is located at the right of the Guardian Statue.

To obtain the Hero costume, players need to complete different missions. For the first mission, players need to kill 678 poring. While the first mission is easy, the second is quite complicated. Players should collect 99 units of Iron I. It is important to note that 12 Iron ores create one Iron I. This means that a player needs 1,188 Iron Ores and Coal to create 99 Iron I.

If players manage to obtain 99 Iron I, they will be presented with two more missions. However, it will be significantly easier. For the third mission, players have to buy Clover in the Izulde area from a non-player character (NPC), called the Material Merchant Guild.

For the last quest, players need to obtain a Witherless Rose. It can be purchased from the NPC called Chamber of Commerce Employee. After completing all four missions, players will obtain the Hero costume along with free headgear.

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