ROX Equipment Guide

ROX equipment system might be a little bit confusing if you’re new to the game.

ROX weapon system is more like classic Ragnarok. Most classes like wizard, knight, priest, and blacksmith can use either a two-handed weapon or a one-handed weapon with a shield.

While hunters use a two-handed bow and assassins can use either two daggers or a Katar, which is also a two-handed weapon in ROX.

There are four types of equipment rarity in Ragnarok X:

  • White color gear – You can get white color weapon and other equipment by entering instances or dungeons in the Izlude city.
  • Blue color gear – Creating blue-colored weapons requires you to craft previous-level blue weapons first.
  • Purple color – Purple equipment is exclusive to PVP points and can be purchased from the guild store, which will be unlocked at level 20.
  • Gold color gear – Gold weapons will drop from specific MVP, such as Phreeoni’s gold short bow or the Orc hero’s gold longbow.

White Equips

The white color weapon and other equipment can be obtained in instances or dungeons. These dungeons and instances will be unlocked at level 21.

You can enter the instance via Critula college in Izlude. There are two modes for instance: normal mode and hard mode.

  • Clearing normal mode has a high chance of getting armor and shoes.
  • The hard mode will give you a weapon and accessories

You can clear the instance 3x per day. Don’t worry, it will only count if you complete the dungeon. So if your character died while doing the instance, you can reset it as many as you can until you defeat the dungeon.

You can upgrade the white gear at the gear improvement NPC in the city. You can upgrade the white gear six times, whereas the base state will be higher for every upgrade.

Blue Equips

Now for the blue-colored weapon and equipment, you can get it by crafting at the weapon crafting NPC in the city.

prontera weapon crafting npc (lvl 30)
You can craft level 30 weapon in Prontera. For higher level weapon crafting, check the other towns.

The blue set will have a higher base stat than the white one, and also a higher refine stat.

To craft a higher-level blue weapon, you need the previous-level blue weapon. So if you want to craft a level 40 weapon, you’ll have to start by crafting the blue level 30 weapon.

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Gold Equips

The gold weapon is from MVP drops, this option will be unlocked at level 29.

From the MVP list, you can look at the items available from the MVP. MVP will drop a gold weapon and also headgear with the best stats.

Specific MVP will drop a specific weapon. For example, if you’re a hunter, the gold short bow weapon will be dropped by Phreeoni.

The Orc hero will drop a gold longbow, so if you want to get a gold weapon you will need to focus on hunting these to MVP. 

Hunt according to your class. If you want to get a gold weapon for your job, check the MVP list and select them.

two handed gold sword dropped from Maya
Gold equipment has the highest base stats. It is dropped by MVPs.

Note: Gold weapons do not have a bonus effect and cannot be upgraded.

The level 25 white weapon with the highest upgrade will have almost the same base stat as the gold weapon.

Now, you will be thinking that white weapons will have the advantage because white gear will have a bonus effect. But the refining material for the gold weapons is more expensive than the white weapon.

Refining costs are increased every four levels so the cost may be the same.

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Purple Equips

You can get the purple gear in the guild store, which will be unlocked at level 20.

There’s a shop inside the guild, you need to be in a group to use the guild shop. Looking at the equipment list, the purple equipment is exclusive to PVP points.

guild store
Go inside your guild to and check the guild store.

What’s good about purple gears is that strengthening and refining will give a significant boost of HP.

As an added bonus, set effects prevent you from dying and recover health immediately after taking damage.

Equipment Set Effects

Equipping the same colored gear will have a set effect. These effects will be active whenever you equip different gear of the same color. 

The equipment set effect will not stack – meaning that you only enjoy the set effect according to how much gear you equip.

  • So if you have 3 gears of the same color equipped, the first set effect will be active.
  • If you have six gears of the same color equipped, only the second set effect will be active.

This principle is the same for all equipment rarity. For white gear, it will have a different set effect from different variations.

Level 25 gear has a different set effect from level 14 gear and so on.

The blue gear on the other hand will have the same set effect but the highest stats for every equipment level.

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