Ragnarok X: Next Generation refine simulator

When players refine equipment in ROX, there is a possibility that the equipment can be damaged, a refine simulator can be used before the refining process.

Ragnarok X: Next Generation (ROX) is a massive mobile multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that is set in the fantasy world of Midgard. It has maintained the spirit of the classic, Ragnarok Online. However, ROX has introduced various new gameplay mechanics and new features that players will not be able to enjoy in the classic version.

The game allows players to create their own digital avatars to enter Midgard. The avatars can be customized by equipping powerful gear, costumes, and accessories. Players are also able to upgrade their avatars with better equipment, which will allow the player to proceed in the game.

Players are able to obtain four types of equipment in the game. The equipment can easily be distinguished by their colours, as each colour represents a certain quality. Players can acquire equipment in dungeons and by hunting or crafting it. Additionally, players can buy equipment in a non-playable character’s (NPC) store or through the gacha system.

White equipment

Players can obtain white equipment from dungeons, and it can upgrade its tier level without changing the appearance. This means that the base stats will increase without changing how the equipment looks.  Players will thus be able to adventure in ROX without using equipment that requires a higher level. However, the performance will compete when the tier is fully upgraded.

Blue equipment

The blue equipment can be crafted using various materials. Players are able to upgrade the equipment quite easily since it is craftable. However, when players upgrade the equipment, it will most likely change its appearance. Players can craft the equipment at Valde, who is a weapon craftsman, and Polly, an armour craftsman. Both craftsmen are located in Pontera Square.

It is important to note that players may need rare materials and stone in order to craft equipment. Players can obtain rare materials as a reward from the dungeons, and stones can be smelt using life skills. However, the rare items can also be obtained through the gacha system.

Purple equipment

The purple equipment, also known as Valkyrie equipment, is a set of armour consisting of cloths, a cloak and shoes. Similar to the blue and white equipment, it can also be upgraded. To obtain the equipment, players need a lot of Valkyrie Coins. Once players have obtained enough coins, they can exchange the coins for the equipment at the Hervor NPC at the Pontera Square.

Players can also obtain Valkyrie Coins by participating in dungeons. It is important to note that purple equipment cannot be obtained through the gacha system. However, players of any level can wear purple equipment.

Gold equipment

Gold equipment is the most expensive equipment in the game. However, it provides the character with the best statistics. The equipment can also be upgraded until tier two. It is important to note that only players level 60 and higher are able to equip the gold items.

Players need to obtain world or mini boss coins for a chance at the gold equipment. The coins can only be obtained by defeating world and mini bosses. The chances of getting the coins depends on the character’s skills, levels and loot chances.

Once the player has enough coins, they can use it on the gacha system for a chance to obtain gold equipment. It is important to note that players need a lot of coins for one gacha pull.

Refining equipment

Players can increase the statistics of their equipment by refining it at the Magic Furnace NPC at any major city. It is important to note that refining requires Life Skill smelting items such as Oridecon for weapons, Bradium for accessories and Elunium for armour.

The refining chances will drop as players level up the equipment. However, players between levels nine and 12 can add the above-mentioned items as it will protect the equipment from failing. Luckily, players can use a refine simulator to check if the refining process will be a successful or not.

Refining simulator

On The Silent Librarian website, players can select the ‘ROX Repeated Refine Simulator’ or the “ROX Step Refine Simulator’.

In the ‘step Refine Simulator’, players will need to state their character’s current level to discover the results of the refining process. After indicating the character’s current level, players need to select the ‘Refine’ option in order to view the results. Players will then be able to see if the refining process will be successful, the history, and the total crystal costs.

While for the ‘Repeated Refine Simulator’, players need to indicate the base level, target level, total experiment and Oridecon price. After clicking the ‘Run Simulation’, players will receive a detailed simulation report table as well as a frequency chart. Players will also find that there is an explanation of the statistics after the chart.

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