Ragnarok X Adventure Test Guide

Adventure test is taken after you reach levels 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 in your Adventure Handbook. You can level your Adventure Handbook by completing milestones while playing the game.

Before you can take the Adventure Test, you must meet a base level requirement. Crystals will be rewarded to you after reaching a certain level in your handbook. The following table shows the amount of crystals for each Adventure Level.

Level Requirement Rewards
Adventure Level 2 4,000 Crystals (requires Base level 30).
Adventure Level 3 6,000 Crystals (requires Base level 40).
Adventure Level 4 8,000 Crystals (requires Base level 50).
Adventure Level 5 10,000 Crystals (requires Base level 60).
Adventure Level 6 14,000 Crystals (requires Base level 70).
Adventure Level 7 20,000 Crystals (requires Base level 80).
Adventure Level 8 30,000 Crystals (requires Base level 90).
Adventure Level 9 40,000 Crystals (requires Base level 100).
Adventure Level 10 60,000 Crystals (requires Base level 110)
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Adventure Test Level 2 Answers

Questions Answers
If Currency Enthusiast Leslie wants to get his hands on some Valkyrie Coins, what should he do? Complete Daily Instances
Aspiring young hero of Prontera, Koko, has joined the Kingdom Defense Force, and is about to set out to join a battle to clear out some Thief Bugs. However, he needs to upgrade his weapon. What should he do? Talk to Blacksmith Hollgrehenn
Which of the following does NOT grant Zeny? Ask Kiki for Zeny
Which of the following four members of the Kingdom of Rune – Midgarts does not belong to the same organization as the other three? Captain Hallam
In which of the following ways can you obtain base EXP? Kill Monsters in the Wilderness
Which class uses a Two-Handed Rod? Spellcaster
If Adventurer Katina accidentally becomes poisoned, which of the following can she use to detoxify herself? Panacea
Where can Adventurer Carter get Card Gacha Coins? Cat Hand Missions
Which of the following does not grant Activity? Meditating under a fountain
Pet Dealer Lyra wants to catch a Poring as a new Pet. Where does she have to go to catch one? Prontera South Gate
How much time must pass before an adventurer can change their name again? 72 hours
Which of the following does NOT grant Adventure EXP? Changing your name to something cool
If Adventurer Seal is determined to create his own guild in Midgard, which of the following materials does he need to spend? Zeny and Emperium
Blacksmith Hollgrehenn likes to have a drink with his friends after work. What’s the name of the Prontera tavern he often goes to? Rose Red Tavern
If Adventurer Alna wants to become a nimble Assassin, which of Criatura Academy’s mentors should she study under? Moxie
Which of the following items can be used to reset your Quality Stat Points after allocating them? Magical Stone
Which of the following monsters is not an MVP? Pecopeco Egg
In which of the following ways can you obtain equipment? Taking part in Daily Instances

Adventure Test Level 4 Answers

Questions Answers
At which job Level can you make your first Job Advancement? Lvl 10
Which of the following does NOT grant Base EXP? Daily Check-Ins
While in the tavern, you befriend someone with a noble background. This friend comes from one of the seven royal families and exudes an extraordinary magical aura, Which family is he most likely to be from? Heines
Monster Researcher Bertha’s assistant is working out a new research plan, but she’s not familiar with where certain monsters can be found. Which of the following plans is feasible? Spy on Smokies in Labyrinth Forest
If Adventurer Elna’s teammate Ringer dies in battle, what item can Elna use to resurrect Ringer? Leaf of Yggdrasil
If Adventurer Tina is interested in Crafting, which class should she choose? Merchant
Which of the following is not a Knight skils? Enchant Poison
Which of the following grants Stamina? Consuming Odin’s Blessings
Fishing Enthusiast Xavier fishes at Prontera South Gate. Which of the following materials can you catch there? Carp
Adventurer Laffeli has been poisoned in battle! Which of the following is unlikely to happen? Attribute of normal attacks will be changed to Poison
What kind of service is Kafra Service Employee W unable to provide for adventurers? Upgrading Equipment
Which of the following classes can fight with One-Handed Swords? Swordsman
Adventurer Mary wants to enchant her accessory in Prontera. With which of the following Enchantment Stones can she enchant it? Secret Enchantment Stone
Which of the following is not a playstyle of blacksmithing? Force
Assasins Guild Master Hassan has lost an important weapon. What is the weapon most likely to be? Krishna
On a long voyage, a violent storm thrusts Adventurer Lorna into the domain of Drake’s Shipwreck. What is most likely to happen to him? He’ll lose his memory and become a phantom

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