Raid: Shadow Legends: Armiger

It is believed that Armiger is one of the best end-game Champions in Raid: Shadow Legends, due to his crowd control abilities.


Raid: Shadow Legends is a popular fantasy-themed, turn-based mobile game set in the fictional world of Teleria. However, the world has recently been colonized by the Dark Lord, Siroth. It is thus up to the players to retake the world.

The game features multiple adventures for players to take part in. However, it is recommended that players familiarize themselves with the Affinity system before they participate in one of the in-game activities.

There are four types of distinct Affinities in the game, and players will need to have knowledge of them to be successful. One Affinity offers no particular disadvantages or advantages over the others, while three of them exist in balance with one another.

The following table indicates the name of the Affinity and its properties:

Name of Affinity Properties
Magic (Blue) Magic is weak against Force Affinities, however, it has an advantage against Spirit.
Spirit (Green) Even though Spirit has an advantage against Force, it is weak against Magic.
Force (Red) This Affinity is strong against Magic, but has a disadvantage against Spirit.
Void (Purple) The Void Affinity features no counter, or weaknesses, against other Affinities.

Once players understand all the Affinities, they are able to assemble an army of Champions. The players will use their Champions for battles in temples, castles, dungeons and deserts which are defended by enemies.

When players first start playing Raid, they will have to play a tutorial mission to learn the gameplay and mechanics. After the tutorial, players will be able to choose their first Champion.

It is important to note that there are four types of Champions: Support, Health Point, Attack and Defence. Players should thus choose their first Champion wisely.

Players are able to collect more Champions by using Shards, which contain the souls of ancient warriors. Once the players have collected the required Shards, they can summon a warrior at the in-game Summoning Portal.

It is important to note that there are four different Shards, and each summons a different type of Champion. The following table indicates the different Shards and the rarity of warriors each Shard can summon:

Shard name Rarity of warriors
Mystery Shard Mystery Shards have a 74.2 percent chance of summoning a common Champion. Additionally, it has a 24.4 percent chance to summon an uncommon Champion, and a 1.4 percent chance to summon a rare Champion.
Ancient Shard Players have a 91.5 percent to obtain a rare champion with this Shard, but there is an eight percent chance that it will summon an epic Champion, and a 0.5 percent chance for it to summon a legendary Champion.
Void Shard A Void Shard has a 91 percent chance of summoning a rare Champion. Additionally, it has an eight percent chance of summoning an epic Champion, and a 0.5 percent chance for a legendary Champion.
Sacred Shard With this Shard, players stand a 94 percent chance at obtaining an epic Champion. However, it has a six percent chance to summon a legendary Champion.

Raid: Shadow Legends: Armiger

One of the Champions players can obtain in Raid: Shadow Legends is Armiger. He is an uncommon, Defence Spirit Champion from The Sacred Order faction.

Armiger is one of the best end game Champions for Fire Knight Castle, Faction Wars and Spider’s Den among others. He is famous for his unique skills.

Armiger’s skills

The following table indicates Armiger’s skills and a description of each:

Skill name Skill description

Lay to Rest

When activated, Armiger will attack an enemy. Damage inflicted is proportional to defence, and it increases according to the enemy’s maximum Health Points (HP). Enemies killed by this skill are not ale to revive. It is important to note that it has a three turns cooldown.


Armiger will attack an enemy with this skill. It has the ability to decrease the Turn Meter by 30 percent if the attack is critical.

Armiger mastery guide

Even though players can allocate skill points according to their personal preference, it is recommended that players use the following Offense points:

  • Deadly Precision
  • Keen Strike
  • Life Drinker
  • Single Out
  • Heart of Glory
  • Bring it Down
  • Methodical
  • Warmaster
  • Kill streak

While players should use the following Support points:

  • Spirit Haste
  • Lore of Steel
  • Evil Eye
  • Swarm Smiter
  • Charged Focus
  • Pinpoint Accuracy


In Raid: Shadow Legends, players are able to collect multiple Champions, one of which is Armiger. He is a powerful, uncommon Champion in an Epic skin.

Armiger’s true potential can be fully unlocked when he is built with 100 percent critical rating, and sufficient accuracy statistics.

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