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Basic Information

Application Name Raid: Shadow Legends
Release Date July 29, 2018
Genre RPG, MMO, PvP
Supported Device iOS / Android / PC
Developer / Publisher Plarium Global Ltd
Official Site Website
Official Social Media TwitterFacebookInstagramYouTube


Raid: Shadow Legends is a popular fantasy-themed mobile gacha game. It takes place in the fictional world of Teleria, which has been colonized by the Dark Lord, Siroth. The game features different adventures for players to take part in.


It is recommended that players familiarize themselves with the Affinity system before they join an adventure. There are four types of Affinities in the game, and players will need to understand them all to succeed. Three of them exist in balance with one another, but the fourth offers no particular disadvantages or advantages over the others.

The following table indicates the name of the Affinity and its properties:

Name of Affinity Properties
Void (Purple) This Affinity features no counter or weaknesses against others.
Force (Red) Force has an advantage against Magic but is weak to Spirit.
Spirit (Green) This Affinity has a disadvantage against Magic but is powerful against Force.
Magic (Blue) The Magic Affinity has an advantage against Spirit but is however weak against Force.

Once the players understand the Affinities, they are able to assemble an army of Champions for battles in deserts, temples, dungeons, and castles defended by enemies. It is important to note that there are four types of Champions: Defence, Health Point, Support and Attack.


When players first start playing the game, they will be able to choose one Champion. However, they are also able to collect more by using Shards, which contain souls of ancient warriors. Once the players have obtained Shards, they are able to summon a warrior at the in-game Portal. It is important to note that there are four different Shards.

The following table indicates the different Shards and the rarity of warriors it can summon:

Mystery Shard Mystery Shards have a 74.2 percent chance of summoning a common Champion. Additionally, it has a 24.4 percent chance to summon an uncommon Champion, and a 1.4 percent chance to summon a rare Champion.
Ancient Shard Players have a 91.5 percent to obtain a rare champion with this Shard, but there is an eight percent chance that it will summon an epic Champion, and a 0.5 percent chance for it to summon a legendary Champion.
Void Shard A Void Shard has a 91 percent chance of summoning a rare Champion. Additionally, it has an eight percent chance of summoning an epic Champion, and a 0.5 percent chance for a legendary Champion.
Sacred Shard With this Shard, players stand a 94 percent chance at obtaining an epic Champion. However, it has a six percent chance to summon a legendary Champion.



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