Raid Shadow Legends: How to play Ice Golem

Ice Golem Peak is one of the longer dungeons in Raid: Shadow Legends, and you can only complete it by following specific strategies.

In this fantasy-themed mobile game, Raid: Shadow Legends, you can explore the open world of Teleria. You have to assume the role of an ancient Teleratian warrior and defeat the Dark Lord to restore peace and harmony to the world.

In addition to the main quest, you can enjoy several activities, including dungeons. One of the dungeons you can complete is the Ice Golem, however, it is not an easy task.

Dungeons in Raid Shadow Legends

There are several dungeons you can complete in Raid: Shadow Legends, with each dungeon featuring different stages. The most energy efficient dungeons tend to be stages 20 and 24, however, better items drop from stage 25.

Players should remember that dungeon bosses are stronger than campaign bosses. Campaign bosses do not require any specific strategy to defeat, but you do, however, have to follow a strategy to defeat a dungeon boss.

You have to defeat two waves of enemies in a dungeon before you can attempt to defeat the final boss. There is no real strategy to clear the waves, your characters simply have to be strong enough to survive the enemy attacks.

Raid Shadow Legends: How to play Ice Golem
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Raid Shadow Legends: How to play Ice Golem

The Ice Golem is one of the longer dungeons in Raid: Shadow Legends. This is due to the enemies the Ice Golem re-spawns after he unleashes his powerful area-of-effect attack.

The Ice Golem’s boss, Klyssus, can be very challenging to defeat, as you need steady damage and survivability to be successful.

There are a few strategies you can follow to defeat the boss. Players can bring in Block Revive champions to prevent Klyssus’ minions from reviving.

However, these champions must be built to deal high amounts of damage to successfully defeat them in one hit, in order to enable Block Revive to take place.

You can also use a Poison debuff to decrease Klyssus’ health points whenever it’s his turn. The boss’ passive skill will not activate if the damage is done by Poison or Health Point Burn that causes his health to drop below a certain percentage.

As a result, your team avoids the extra damage from Klyssus’ passive skill. The third strategy is having champions that can sustain you long in the battle with massive AoE healing, Revive, Remove Debuff and Ally Protection while Crowd Controlling his minions.

If you want to complete Ice Golem’s Peak under 3 minutes, you have to ensure that you have at last one champion who can inflict Decrease Defense on the enemies.

You also need a Support Champion who can buff allies with Increase Attack or Increase Defense. Moreover, you need a Speed Increase buff to ensure your champions take multiple turns before the enemies’ turn.

Raid Shadow Legends: How to play Ice Golem
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Klyssus’ skills

Similar to other dungeon bosses in Raid: Shadow Legends, Klyssus features unique skills which you will encounter during the fight. The table below explains his skills:

Skill name Description
Frost Nova Attack all enemies.
Numbing Chill Attacks all enemies and places a 50 percent decrease Accuracy on enemies for 2 turns.
Frigid Vengeance Attack all enemies 1 time whenever Klyssus’ health points drop below a certain percentage.
Almighty Immunity The boss is immune to stun, freeze, sleep, provoke, block active skills, fear and true fear debuffs.
Almighty Strength Damage from skills that scale based on enemy maximum health points cannot exceed 10 percent of the boss’ maximum health points when attacking the boss. This skill only unlocks at dungeon stage 21-25.
Almighty Persistence All turn meter reduction effects are decreased by 50 percent when used against the boss.

Sets that drop from the Ice Golem

There are some sets worth farming from this dungeon, namely:

Set Description
Taunting This set is good for wave control, as it applies a taunt to your enemies. This forces them to focus on the champion.
Crit rate This gear is good to have as a set bonus when trying to tune your teams to deal as much damage as possible.
Resistance It is mainly for late-game when you have to remove debuffs on your team.
Defense If you are building a clan boss team, and you need to boost your defense up to the 4500 thresh-hold, you can use this set.

Recommended champions

Although you can use any champions for the Ice Golem, it is advisable that you use the following characters:

Champion Description
Miscreated Monster You can build him with health points, speed, accuracy and crit rate.
Tomb Lord The Tomb Lord is a very strong poisoner and is top tier when it comes to defeating the Ice Golem.
Apothecary His heals and speed boosting is very important in keeping your team alive.
Reliquary Tender She is a supportive champion who has a revive in her kit. This means she does well with the shield or stalwart set.
Seer She is a great champion to get you through the waves, but players may need a revive champion to get her back up.

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