Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: Ingredients

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds contains different ingredients that can be used to cook a range of meals, but you can also use some to craft weapons.

In this popular mobile game, Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, players are invited to explore a persistent world. The game forms part of the classic video game series, Ni no Kuni, and as such, you can experience similar gameplay, content and mechanics throughout the games in the series.

As opposed to its predecessors, the mobile game has a new multiplayer mode that you can enjoy with friends. The game contains a variety of activities and events for you to partake in, however, you should first complete the tutorial mission.

You can then complete quests, summon Familiars, improve your cooking skills, and challenge other players in the player-versus-player gaming mode.

Cooking system

There are currently only 2 places in the game where you can cook a delicious meal, one is in your Familiar Forest, and the other is in your Kingdom. Once you have arrived in a kitchen, you need to talk to the chef who usually wears a blue and white apron with a green ribbon tied around her waist.

You can select the food you want to cook after you have engaged in a conversation with her. Every meal has a unique effect on your character, such as increasing their statistics or combat power for a specific duration.

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: Ingredients

Once you have selected the meal you want to prepare, you will get a list of the ingredients you need to cook the meal. Ingredients can be acquired using various methods, such as looting treasure chests, defeating monsters, or through foraging. Alternatively, you can purchase ingredients from the in-game shop with gold.

The table below highlights some of the ingredients in the game and how to acquire them:

Ingredient How to acquire
Plainswort Flower Players can obtain this ingredient from Baatender, or by foraging in The Rolling Hills and The Pig Iron Plain.
Springwater You can loot Springwater after defeating a Rhinosaur. Alternatively, you can find it in the Shimmering Sands and Rolling Hills.
Baneflower This ingredient drops from Turburn, or you can steal it from Chloroboros. Players can also find it by foraging in the Shimmering Sands and the Temple of Trials.
Emberstone It can only be obtained by defeating Mohawks and Eggrolls.
Angula Players can acquire Angulas by defeating Girlfiend, or by stealing it from a Rhinobore. Furthermore, it can be foraged in Robinson Island or by exploring Shipwreck Shore.
Sour Grapes This ingredient drops from the Steam-Man and from a Florid Floret. Players can also forage for it in Billy Goat’s Bluff.
Bumbler Honey It can be procured from a Worker or a Soldier Bumbler, or by Hooting at Ding Dong Dell.
Angel Wings You can steal this item from a Gold Triumphant, or you can receive it as loot after defeating a Gold Unibopper. Alternatively, you can participate in Errand 085 to obtain it.
Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: Ingredients
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How to eat food

After cooking a meal, you can either consume it or give it to another player to benefit from it. To eat a meal, you can select the plus icon next to your character’s health bar, which is located in the upper left corner of the screen. Clicking on this icon will open a small menu that lists all of your available food.

Alternatively, you can share your food with your friends by selecting your inventory then heading to the consumables tab. Keep in mind that only some food can be shared with friends and this will be indicated when you select a specific meal. You can then decide whether you want to share it with friends, with everyone, or with Kingdom members.

Familiar Forest

As stated before, you can also craft food in your Familiar Forest. Players should remember that the food that can be crafted in your oven is very limited. This is because the food you can cook in your Familiar Forest is used to feed your farm workers.

Do you need ingredients to craft weapons and gear?

It is worth noting that you need specific materials and ingredients to craft certain weapons and gear in the game. This table lists some of the ingredients you need for crafting:

Ingredient Where to obtain Required for
Sprocket You can obtain Sprockets by defeating Sprog Crogs and Clicketyclanks ·  Watchmaker’s Ax

·  Clockwork Ax

·  Steel Claws

·  Medal of Dexterity

·  Barrier Badge

Raw Steel It drops from the Bighorn, but you can forage it in the Pig Iron Plain and Ghostly Gorge ·  Rogue’s Revolver

·  Champion’s Sword

·  Divine Dagger

·  Royal Spear

·  Crucible Claws

·  Champion’s Armor

Drill Screw Players can defeat the Iron-Man for a chance to earn this ingredient ·  Champion’s Cloak

·  Champion’s Helm

·  Royal Armor

·  Clockwork Ax

·  Highwayman’s Handgun

·  Rogue’s Revolver

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