Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: Heart Stars

There are numerous ways to upgrade your character in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, one of which is by unlocking Heart Stars, but this requires special resources.

You are invited to discover a persistent world in this thrilling mobile game, Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds. As the game’s name suggests, it is a part of the classic Ni no Kuni franchise, which implies that you will experience similar features throughout this franchise’s games.

There are currently 5 distinct characters for you to play with on your account. This means that you have access to all the playable characters in the game and you can switch between them as you please. Every character has unique talents and powers that can be upgraded to make them even stronger.

What are the character classes?

Your characters need you every bit as much as you need them, as you cannot advance in the game without them. Every character can be briefly described as follows:

Character Description
Engineer They are described as weapon experts who can wield an array of firearms. They are very helpful allies as they can heal their allies on the battlefield.
Witch Witches are magical perfectionists with flying spears and nimble feet. They can easily adapt to any situation, owing to their various skills.
Swordsman He can deal rapid attacks with his one-handed sword. His astonishing bladework demoralises his enemies.
Destroyer Destroyers are tough warriors, and they can strike their enemies with giant hammers. They are merciless to enemies, but very dependable friends to their teammates.
Rogue Rogues are ranged damage-dealers who confuse their enemies with rapid movements and volleys of arrows.
Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: Heart Stars
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Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: Heart Stars

Your Familiars offer you a range of items as gifts as you progress in the game, including Sparkling Hearts. This token can be used to unlock and level up your Heart Stars, which are basically constellations of various effects.

When you unlock star patterns and complete them, your character gains additional power. Subsequently, your character’s combat power improves. In order to unlock your Heart Stars, you have to open the menu and go to the “Power up” option. You will then see the Heart Stars icon, which allows you to allocate points to effects to upgrade your character.

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: Heart Stars
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You should note that different parts of the Heart Stars menu are unlocked, based on your character’s level. This means that some of the star patterns will be locked, but you can gain access to them when you meet the necessary requirements.

Heart Stars feature 3 power systems, namely First Heart, Competitive Heart, and Growing Heart. Every system uses different resources for progression, depending on which system you are on. Players can acquire these resources by participating in the Familiar Adventure and the Familiar Forest.

First Heart players need Sparkling Hearts to unlock constellations, which are Element-focused. This means that there are Fire, Water, and Earth sections of the Heart Stars. Unlocking these stars enhances the specific element’s defence and attack.

Players can also increase their character’s normal statistics, including their defence, health points, critical hits, attack, and accuracy.

What is the Familiar Forest?

You can acquire Sparkling Hearts, Crescent Moon Auras, and different Star Auras from the Familiar Forest. Players can access this feature by going to the Familiar Menu. In the forest, you will find all the Familiars you have collected, some of them offer you gifts when you visit them. It is therefore recommended that you visit them daily, especially early in the morning.

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: Heart Stars
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Familiar Adventure World

Players gain access to the Familiar Adventure feature once they have reached level 33 in the game. However, you first have to complete a specific Reputation quest to unlock this activity. In the Familiar Adventure, you can send your Familiars to defeat other Familiars and to occupy gathering sites to collect rewards.

Alternative methods to upgrade your character

In addition to unlocking Heart Stars, you can participate in the Tetro Puzzle, which consists of distinctive block puzzle pages. When you have solved a puzzle, you can unlock a statistic bonus. Alternatively, you can join the Lucky Higgledy feature, which allows you to level up your Higgledies to get a statistical boost.

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