Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds: Treasure chest locations

There are currently 3 high-tier treasure chests in each area of Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds, which means that you can find 36 different chests.

Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds is a thrilling mobile game that is part of the popular Ni No Kuni series, which means that you can expect similar gameplay and content in this game. However, the game follows the story of a fantasy, virtual reality game called Soul Diver, which transports players to the fantasy world of Ni No Kuni.

In this fictitious world, players can assume the role of either a rogue, swordsman, witch, engineer, or a destroyer. Even though it is your responsibility to save the Queen, you can participate in several additional activities and gaming modes. You can discover collectables, summon Familiars, defeat enemies, and fight other players in the player-versus-player gaming mode.


One of the activities you can enjoy is collecting various collectables and treasure chests scattered around the world. There are countless treasure chests hidden throughout the regions of Ni No Kuni. Most of the chests are common, and thus, respawn after a certain duration.

That being said, some chests are of a higher rarity, meaning that they contain higher quality items. Discovering treasure chests can allegedly increase your character’s statistics, so it is advisable that you keep an eye out for them as you explore the world.

Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds: Treasure chest locations

Every map in the game features up to 3 high-tier chests, including bronze, silver, and gold. These chests do not respawn and can only be obtained once.

Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds: Treasure chest locations
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In some areas of the game, the locations of higher-tier chests are:

Southern Heartlands

– Farm Backstreet Chest: Players will find a farmhouse at the top of the stones near an empty field. You simply have to go to the grass, where you will find a chest below.

– Great Uncle Autumn’s Watchful Chest: Search around Great Uncle Autumn, where you will find an empty space on the left corner.

– Uphill Clearing Chest: Players should proceed up the hill through the thickest grass. In front of the Great Uncle tree, you will discover an orange tree and another hill. On top of this hill is the chest.

Cloudcoil Canyon

– Thorny Vine Chest: Enter the Old Base Ruins, where you will find a chest to the left up the hill.

– Chest on Wooden Plank: Players need to carefully cross the wooden plank to reach Thorny Cliff. They then have to turn right and jump across the bones to reach a separate mountain.

– Ravine Bone Chest: Just beyond the Stone Pillar Ravine, you need to jump over three branching bones and then head uphill.

Golden Grove

– Tree Vine Chest: At the strange field, you will find the chest on the big tree root.

– Chest on Boulders: Go to the fairy village, where you will find a waterfall. The chest is situated on top of the rocks.

– Stone Steps Chest: You need to climb the rocks to reach the Fairyground before you find the Sakura tree. The chest is at the top of a stack of rocks.

Winter Wonderland

– Tree Vine Bridge Chest: Players must follow the vine bridge to reach the camp, where there is an uphill hill behind an igloo.

– Snow-covered Cliff Chest: After leaving Glacia Village, you need to go to the bridge on the left side of the entrance to Flurry Basin, following this path to find another bridge made of stone.

– Across the Bridge Chest: At Yule, the river flows the most in the corner. Players need to jump the 5 stones to reach the other cliff.

Allegra Plateau

– Chest hidden between trees: At the Geyser Area, you must head to the left side corner and go down a path flanked by trees on both sides.

– Chest hidden below: You can find this chest on a rock to the left of a jump-like mechanism.

– Chests on Rocs: At the Plateau entrance, you will find a chest on the second hill.

Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds: Treasure chest locations
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Why are some of the locations locked?

Players have to meet specific requirements before they can access certain locations and activities. The table below lists the requirements you have to meet to unlock the area:

Area Requirement
Eastern Heartlands Level 10
Golden Grove Level 20
Serene Forest Level 30
Allegra Plateau Level 40
Cloudcoil Canyon Level 45
Winter Wonderland Level 55
Glittering Grotto Level 60
Burning Desert Level 70
Witch’s Woods Level 75
Woebegone Wilds Level 80
Rainbow Valley Level 85

Chest rewards

In each chest there are a few randomised items that you get as rewards, as well as combat points (CP). The number of CP you gain for opening a chest are:

Area Chests
Southern Heartlands · Farm Backstreet chest: 222 CP

· Great Uncle Autumn’s Watchful Chest: 222 CP

· Uphill Street Chest: 222 CP

Eastern Heartlands · Sulfur Mine Chest: 243 CP

· Waterlogged Chest: 243 CP

· Ruin Wreckage Chest: 270 CP

Golden Grove  · Tree Vine Chest: 278 CP

· Chest on Boulders: 276 CP

· Stone Steps Chest: 293 CP

Serene Forest · Treeroot Chest: 290 CP

· Chest by the Water: 290 CP

· Chest on a Mushroom: 340

Allegra Plateau · Chest Hidden Between Trees: 316 CP

· Chest Hidden Below: 311 CP

· Chest on Rocks: 340 CP

Cloudcoil Canyon · Thorny Vine Chest: 330 CP

· Chest on Wooden Plank: 354 CP

· Ravine Bone Chest: 385 CP

Winter Wonderland  · Tree Vine Bridge Chest: 362 CP

· Snow-covered Cliff Chest: 382 CP

· Across the Bridge Chest:421 CP

How to travel to another area

To quickly get to a new area, you can simply open the world map by selecting the mini-map in the top-right corner of the screen. Once the map has opened, you can choose any of the areas you have unlocked and travel to them.

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