MSF: Invaders ISO

The Invader team of MSF consists of 5 new characters, each of which requires a different ISO-8 class.

Marvel Strike Force (MSF) is an adventurous video game that features numerous superheroes and supervillains. You can collect characters to form several teams.

One team that you can create is the Invaders, and several players have been curious about which ISO-8 class to assign to the team members.

MSF: Invaders ISO

The Invader team comprises Nick Fury, Union Jack, Bucky Barnes, Captain America (WW II), and Iron Fist (WW II). Each team member requires a specific ISO-8 class to ensure their efficiency in battles.

MSF: Invaders Infographic

The recommended ISO-8 class for each Invader member is listed below:

Team member Recommend ISO-8 class
Nick Fury Since he grants additional energy with every critical strike of his basic attack, we recommend that you assign him to the Raider class. He can also use the Skirmisher class as it will create a good synergy in the new Invader team.
Union Jack Striker is the best class for Union Jack, as he will have more than enough critical chance.
Bucky Barnes The best class for him is Striker, as it will increase the amount of damage he deals.
Captain America (WW II) He can benefit from several classes, but it is advisable that you use the Skirmisher class.
Iron Fist (WW II) Healer is the best choice for this character as it will increase his healing capabilities.

What should you use Invaders for?

According to a recent MSF announcement, the Invaders specialise in the much-needed Skill Raids lanes. Furthermore, the team will be great in all of the current Doom Raids and will be instrumental in a new Raid, which will be released later in 2023.

Raids are an Alliance-exclusive activity, as they challenge your Alliance to work together to complete a series of missions before the time runs out.

How to acquire the Invader team

You have to collect all the members of the Invader team in order to use them on the battlefield. Nick Fury is unlocked at 3 stars, which costs 100 shards. He can be procured from the Chasing Fury event.

Union-Jack, Bucky Barnes, Captain America (WW II), and Iron Fist (WW II) can be obtained by participating in their upcoming events. If you do not collect them during these events, you may need to pay real money to get them.

When will the Invader events occur?

Currently, it is unknown when all the events of the Invader members will be released and take place. However, players can now obtain Captain America (WW II) in the game as his event is currently active.

The other members of the Invader team will likely become available for collection in the near future.

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