MSF: ISO-8 guide

The ISO-8 system in MSF allows players to customize their characters according to their playstyle, but it only unlocks at level 55.

Marvel Strike Force (MSF) is an adventurous video game that invites gamers to immerse themselves in the fictional Marvel Universe to protect the world from enemies.

There are several superheroes and supervillains that you can acquire in MSF. Every character should be assigned to an ISO-8 class, however, this system can be complicated to understand.

What is ISO-8?

Whether players prefer a casual approach to creating teams, or if you are a methodical tinkerer, you can benefit from the ISO-8 system.

This system is a versatile way to add an extra dimension to your characters. Although it is complicated, it is essentially a progression system that enables you to customize your characters.

The ISO-8 system adds additional power to and boosts the capabilities of your character. Furthermore, it unlocks new abilities and creates new team possibilities. Thus, players can customize their characters according to their playstyle.

MSF: ISO-8 guide

MSF: ISO-8 guide

Before you can assign ISO-8 classes to your characters, you have to unlock it. ISO-8 only unlocks once you reach level 55, at which point you will gain access to the Isotope-8 Campaign.

This campaign allows you to gather ISO-8 Crystals, each of which focuses on a specific attribute, namely:

  • Health
  • Focus
  • Damage
  • Armor
  • Resist

Furthermore, every attribute crystal is linked to one of the following 5 traits:

  • Blaster
  • Support
  • Brawler
  • Protector
  • Controller

In total, there are 25 crystals that you have to collect. Once you have collected some crystals, you have to equip them. Each crystal can fit into 1 of the 5 slots in the ISO-8 Matrix.

The slots are the same as the crystal attributes. You also need to collect the Blaster Focus crystal into the Focus slot of the Blaster class.

Once you have all the crystals for a specific ISO-8 class, you can unlock the class. Players can only assign the classes that they have unlocked to their characters. The classes you can unlock are:

  • Striker
  • Fortifier
  • Healer
  • Skirmisher
  • Raider

After unlocking all the classes, you can customize your characters according to your playstyle. Assigning an ISO-8 class not only increases your character’s power, but it creates powerful synergies.

These synergies will help you achieve higher ranks in the Arena. Furthermore, you will be able to complete some nodes in the campaigns and arenas with ease.

ISO-8 tiers

For every new level on each slot, you need to collect additional Crystals. There are 5 levels in total for tier-1 ISO-8 progression. When you achieve 5 tier-1 and 75 character levels, you will advance to tier-2.

That being said, tier-2 crystals are more difficult to procure as there are no campaign nodes for them. Instead, you have to farm the crystals by completing Doom Raids.

If your Alliance can finish at least 30 percent of a Doom Raid, you will constantly gain resources for tier-2.

However, you will also receive tier-2 ISO-8 credits, which can be used to open specific ISO-8 orbs.

ISO-8 classes

Each ISO-8 class has a unique effect on your character. It is therefore imperative that you assign the correct class to your characters:

Class Effect
Striker Strikers have increased damage and they can follow up their attacks if the target has a vulnerable debuff.
Fortifier They can place a barrier on themselves when they spawn.
Healer Characters with this class heal the ally with the lowest health points at the beginning of every turn.
Skirmisher Skirmishers apply vulnerable effects on each hit. They can clear positive statuses from targets if the enemy has a vulnerability debuff.
Raider They have an increased chance for critical damage. If they crit, they apply a vulnerability debuff on the target.

How to use ISO-8

It is noteworthy that you can freely change your ISO-8 classes at any time. If you switch ISO-8 classes, characters will not lose progress on the ISO-8 Matrix.

However, they will need to spend ISO-8 Ions and level up from the beginning, but they will not need to collect crystals again.

The MSF ISO-8 system allows players to create deadly combinations. For instance, a Skirmisher, Raider, and Stryker are a fantastic combination.

If you are wondering what the best ISO-8 class is for specific characters, you have to consider the game modes, other team members, and opponents.

There are suggestions for ISO-8 classes, but you should experiment with the classes to see which class best suits your playstyle.

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