MSF: Bucky Barnes ISO-8

The best ISO-8 class for Bucky Barnes in MSF is Striker as it will increase his damage output, but you can also assign the Skirmisher class.

In Marvel Strike Force (MSF) you can collect heroes and villains to defeat powerful enemies who are trying to take over the Marvel Universe.

One of the characters that you can acquire is Bucky Barnes – the teenage best friend of Steve Rogers. Since he is a fairly new character, players are uncertain about which ISO-8 class will suit him best.

How to acquire Bucky Barnes

Before you can assign an ISO-8 class to Bucky Barnes, you have to add him to your arsenal. The Special Offense event started on Thursday, 20 April 2023.

For this event, you have to reach certain milestones by spending Campaign Energy and earning Raid Credits to power up your roster.

If you participate in this event, you will receive gear, Promotion Credits, Tier-2 Level 4 Ions, and character shards for Invaders, Masters of Evil and Rebirth teams. However, you can also collect character shards for Bucky Barnes by participating in this event.

Once you have enough character shards, you can get Bucky Barnes.

MSF: Bucky Barnes ISO-8

MSF: Bucky Barnes ISO-8

Bucky Barnes Steve Rogers’ teenage best friend. On the battlefield, he charges the front lines along with other Invaders as he unleashes multiple attacks on their enemies.

Since there are multiple ISO-8 classes, it can be difficult to decide which class to assign to Bucky Barnes.

We recommend that you assign the Striker class to Bucky as it will increase his damage output. However, if you use Bucky with Captain America (WW II), you can assign the Skirmisher class to him. This will create a synergy as Captain America’s ISO-8 class is Striker.

That being said, several MSF players revealed that although this is a tempting combination, it is not effective on the battlefield. Applying Skirmisher to Bucky Barnes will reduce his damage output.

In theory, he does not need Skirmisher because when he applies those Disrupts, he already has increased Focus.

If you use Striker on Bucky Barnes, Captain America (WW II) will not use his basic attack often. Regardless of this, you should assign the Striker class to Bucky Barnes.

There is a possibility that players may have assigned another ISO-8 class to Bucky Barnes. If you are one of those players, do not fret. You can change your characters’ ISO-8 classes at any time at no additional cost.

In order to change Bucky Barnes’ ISO-8 class to Striker, you need to collect the ISO-8 crystals to slot them into the ISO-8 Matrix.

Once you have the crystals, the Striker class will unlock, and you can assign it to Bucky Barnes. If you already collected all the ISO-8 crystals, you can simply assign the class to Bucky.

In which team should you use Bucky Barnes?

Although you can use Bucky Barnes in any MSF team, some team combinations perform better together. Therefore, we recommend that you use him in a team with Captain America (WW II), Iron Fist (WW II), Union Jack and Nick Fury.

This team combination is the Invaders and they specialize in Raids. Alliance Raids challenge your Alliance to work together to complete a series of objectives before the time runs out. You need to be at level 25to participate in this activity.

When you reach level 25, you can enjoy different Raid levels with  several enemies that increase in difficulty. If your Alliance completes a Raid within the time limit, you will be rewarded.

Should you build the Invader team?

Several MSF players expressed that the Invader team is underperforming and therefore, they will not invest time and resources to obtain every character. However, if you are yet to build an effective Raid team, you should build the Invader team.

If you already have a designated Raid team, you do not have to collect every member of the Invader team, unless the Invader team is stronger than your designated Raid team.

MSF: Invaders Infographic

Bucky Barnes’s abilities

Bucky Barnes has amazing abilities which he can use to vanquish his enemies. They are:

Ability Description
Plucky Sidekick On spawn, this character gains 8 Charged. At the end of any character’s Turn, if this character does not have Charged, it applies Offense Down to all enemies for 2 turns. It also fills Bucky’s speed bar by 50 percent. All Invader team members gain 20 percent damage.
Grand Ole Time The primary target is attacked for 300 percent damage. Bucky also applies a Bleed effect on his enemy. For each Charge, he repeats this attack against a different adjacent target but he loses 1 charge effect for the first attack and each subsequent attack. In Raids, this skill clears Taunt from all targets.
Buck Shot It applies an Offense Down effect to all Invader allies for 2 turns. Bucky attacks the primary target for 350 percent damage. For each charged effect, this attack is repeated against a different adjacent target.
Battle Rifle Attacks the primary target for 300 percent damage and prolongs all negative effects except Ability Block, Stun and Trauma by 1. If charged, he chains to 1 adjacent target for 300 percent damage. In Raids, this attack can prolong Ability Block, Stun and Trauma.

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