MSF: Absorbing Man ISO-8

The Absorbing Man is a new character in MSF, and it is recommended that you either assign Striker or Fortifier to be his ISO-8 class.

Players can experience thrilling role-playing elements in this thrilling mobile game, Marvel Strike Force (MSF). The game takes place in the popular Marvel universe, in which you have to collect ionic characters to vanquish enemies.

One of the characters that you can acquire is the Absorbing Man and however several players have wondered what ISO-8 class he should get.

What is ISO-8?

ISO-8 is a progression system in MSF that allows you to customise your characters according to your playstyle. The system is quite complicated, but once you understand it, you can increase your character’s capabilities.

Before you can customise your characters and teams, you have to collect ISO-8 crystals to equip them to their designated attributes in the ISO-8 menu. Once you have all the crystals, you will block powerful classes.

The new classes can then be assigned to a character to increase their power, abilities, and statistics.

MSF: Absorbing Man ISO-8

MSF recently announced that players can now collect a new character called Absorbing Man. According to the Marvel lore, Absorbing Man was previously known as Carl Crusher Creel.

MSF: Absorbing Man ISO-8

He was given the power to take the form of any material that he touched, essentially absorbing the property of the material itself.

You can assign an ISO-8 class to any character in MSF, including the Absorbing Man. That being said, certain classes increase a character’s efficiency, while other classes hinder their performance on the battlefield.

It is therefore imperative that you assign the correct class to the Absorbing Man. In theory, the best ISO-8 class for the Absorbing Man is Fortifier, which provides the hero with an additional banner, and, in turn, increases his durability.

This can be incredibly useful as the Absorbing Man will take most enemy attacks on his back.

That being said, Fortifier will increase Absorbing Man’s performance in most situations. However, if you are planning to use him in the Cosmic Crucible, you should assign the Striker class to him.

Absorbing Man copies and clears 2 positive effects and gains 2 deflects if the target has vulnerability. As a Striker, he will exploit that follow-up attack to gain additional benefits for tanking and remove even more buffs from targets.

Although you can use other ISO-8 classes for the Absorbing Man, it is advisable that you stick with Striker and Fortifier. However, you can experiment with the other classes to see if they suit your playstyle better than Fortifier and Striker.

How to procure Absorbing Man

Before you can assign an ISO-8 class to the Absorbing Man, you have to collect him. On 3 February 2023, MSF announced that a new series of events, which is called Destructive Diva Events, are now available for you to enjoy.

One of the events in the series that you can participate in is the Crusher of Heroes. For this event, you have to have absorbed a Masters of Evil Protector on 9 February 2023. It was a 4-day event that concluded on 13 February 2023.

You also had to complete certain milestones to earn Absorbing Man character shards, which can be used to create the hero.

If you did not collect Absorbing Man during the event, it is unclear whether you will be able to procure him in the future or not.

Can you change your ISO-8 class?

If you have collected all the ISO-8 crystals, you can change your character’s ISO-8 class. However, you first have to pay to upgrade a class before you can switch a between the classes at no cost and at any time.

There are some people who assigned the wrong ISO-8 class to Absorbing Man, but fortunately, you can assign him another class to improve his performance on the battlefield.

Absorbing Man abilities

As explained previously, the Absorbing Man can absorb the properties of any material that he touches, but this is not his only skill. Some of the Absorbing Man’s skills and a description of each are outlined below:

Skill name Description
Brick Bass Attacks primary target for 360 percent damage. He also copies and clears 2 positive effects from the primary target to self.
Wrecking Ball Absorbing Man copies and clears all negative effects from all Masters of Evil allies to self. Moreover, he transforms all negative effects to positive effects on self.
Diamond in the rough It clears all negative effects from the Absorbing Man. In Cosmic Crucible, the skill heals the hero for 40 percent of his maximum health points.
Hardened Criminal On spawn, Absorbing Man gains taunt and 3 Deflect effects. When he is attacked, he copies and clears 1 positive effect from the attacker to self and he gains defences.

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