MSF: Union Jack

You can acquire Union Jack in Marvel Strike Forces’ upcoming month-long event, which celebrates the arrival of the new character.

Marvel Strike Force (MSF) allows players to step into the Marvel Universe to collect different superheroes and supervillains. You have to use these characters to vanquish horrific foes and participate in in-game events.

The game recently announced a new character, Union Jack, which is an adventurer and British superspy.

MSF: Union Jack

The first to take the mantle of Union Jack, adventurer, and British superspy, James Montgomery Falsworth, charges up his attacks to blast his enemies away. We recommend that you continue to open orbs to acquire Union Jack.

MSF: Union Jack

The month-long event that celebrates Union Jack’s arrival to MSF will commence shortly. You will then be able to complete missions or milestones in order to add Union Jack to your arsenal.

It is particularly important that you participate in this event if you are interested in obtaining Union Jack.

If you do not get him during the event, you may need to use real money to acquire him once the event has concluded.

When you have procured Union Jack, you can use him in a newly-released team which is called the Invaders. Although this team can be used for any activity in MSF, it specializes in the much-needed Skill Raids lanes.

MSF: Invaders Infographic

Union Jack ISO-8 class

Since Union Jack has more than enough critical chance, the Raider class is unnecessary. Therefore, we recommend that you either use Striker or Skirmisher ISO-8 class.

The Skirmisher class will allow Union Jack to apply the necessary debuffs to enemies during a Raid.

Striker, on the other hand, will increase Union Jack’s damage, which can also be useful during battles. It is up to you to experiment with the Skirmisher and Striker class to see which class best suits your playstyle.

Union Jack’s special skill

All  MSF characters have several skills, including a special skill. Union Jack’s special skill, Fan the Hammer, applies an Offense Down debuff for 2 turns on the primary target.

Furthermore, he attacks the primary target for 210 percent damage and applies a Slow effect.

If charged, he repeats this attack once per Charged on the character. In Raids, Union Jack also applies an Ability Block, up to a maximum of 3, to the primary target on each attack.

What is Union Jack’s ultimate skill?

The Pointy End is Union Jack’s ultimate skill, and it is available at the beginning of the battle. He attacks the primary target and applies a Disrupted debuff. In Raids, Union Jack will reduce the speed bar of the target by 30 percent.

If charged, he will lose 1, and for each charge, he will attack adjacent targets up to a max of 5. However, he loses 1 Charge per additional attack.

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