MSF: Captain America WWII ISO-8

Captain America WWII in MSF should either be assigned to the healer or to the Skirmisher ISO-8 class.

Marvel Strike Force is an adventurous mobile game that is based on the classic Marvel franchise. You can therefore collect the same characters in the game as those in the movies and comics.

It was recently announced that several new characters will be added to the game, including Captain America WWII. Since he is a new character, players are unsure which ISO-8 class to use for him.

MSF: Captain America WWII ISO-8

This tanky character generates ability energy and applies buffs to his team while rallying them to perform devastating assists.

Since he is a new character, several MSF players are curious about which ISO-8 class to use. ISO-8 essentially allows players to customize their characters according to their individual playstyles.

In theory, Captain America WWII can benefit from various ISO-8 classes. As a healer, he can heal his allies to survive some dangerous waves of enemies in Raids.

However, he can also benefit from the Skirmisher class, as he can apply Offense Down and Slow effects on enemies.

Furthermore, you can also use the Striker class. This will increase the amount of damage he does to enemies.

Although it is your choice which ISO-8 class to assign, the healer class or the Skirmisher class are advisable.

To determine which class you should assign, you have to experiment with the different classes. However, you can only experiment once you have collected Captain America WWII.

MSF: Captain America WWII ISO-8

How to collect Captain America WWII

Gamers have an opportunity to earn Captain America WWII character shards during the Star-Spangled Man Showcase Event. This event commenced on Monday, 27 March 2023.

Generally, character showcases are active for a month, which gives you enough time to collect the shards for Captain America WWII.

If you do not collect Captain America WWII in the event, you may need to buy him with real money.

Can you change your ISO-8 class?

Once you have all the ISO-8 crystals and you have unlocked the classes, you can switch between classes for free. Players can therefore experiment with Captain America WWII’s ISO-8 class as long as they want.

You can also change his ISO-8 class whenever you want, since there is no time limit in the ISO-8 system. However, you can only switch between classes that you have unlocked.

If you are yet to unlock the Skirmisher class, you cannot assign it to Captain America WWII.

What team should you use Captain America WWII for?

Although Captain America WWII can be used in any MSF team, he will excel in the Invader team. This team consists of Nick Fury, Union Jack, Bucky Barnes, and Iron Fist WWII, all of which  can be obtained in the upcoming months.

MSF: Invaders Infographic

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