King’s Choice: Dragon Island

The Dragon Island in King’s Choice is a resource site where players can occasionally participate in an in-game event to receive rewards.


Players are invited to take up the role of either a king or queen to become a powerful ruler in this role-playing mobile game, King’s Choice. You can experience a variety of activities and features in the game, but it is advised that you first focus on completing some chapters in the main storyline.

You will unlock and have access to numerous activities once you have made enough progress in the main quest. Players can go on Patrol, explore the Dragon Island, and meet beautiful women and men to raise heirs. Additionally, you can fight enemies in the Outpost, attend balls, and arrange marriages.

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What is the objective of having different activities?

According to research, having different activities and features for players to enjoy keeps them interested and engaged in the game. However, for some activities, certain requirements have to be met before you can unlock them.

This serves as motivation for players to play the game for longer periods of time, as they will likely want to have access to more activities.

Players will occasionally have the opportunity to join in-game events, but they should keep in mind that these activities are only available for a specific time, during which they can acquire rare and desirable items.

King’s Choice: Dragon Island

One of the features you can enjoy is the Dragon Island, which serves as a resource site. This island occasionally has its own in-game event, known as the Dragon Island event, where your prestige and knights will truly shine.

The goal of the event is to gain as much of a specific type of resource as you possibly can, and players should note that points are calculated as 1 point per resource. Players can either create or join a team in order to receive rewards.

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As soon as the Dragon Island opens, it is recommended that you go straight for the resource lair that the event is counting. You should not head to a prestige lair if the event is for wealth, as those points will not be counted.

Players should take and hold as many lairs as they can as this could boost their scores tremendously. If you decide not to participate in the event, it is advised that you avoid the area as much as possible.

However, you can take advantage of everyone who is joining the event to collect the other two resources they are not after.

The contest stage

It is noteworthy that every Dragon Island rivalry event has one predetermined resource that players must farm. The resource is generally written in red and can be found under the event information tab.

The event continues throughout the day and it has no down-time or breaks. It is advisable that you determine how competitive you want to be before participating in the event.

Less competitive players should not try to hold and defend lairs but they should, instead, focus on stealing resources. While more competitive players should save up the Dragon Island related resources they receive from the Lunar Blessing.

What should you do with meat?

During the event, players can farm many different resources, one of which is meat. The higher the player’s base level, the more meat they can farm. The meat can be used in the dragon areas during the event. There are 3 dragon areas, each of which provide something else:

  • Blue dragon area: Provides Knight Experience
  • Green dragon area: Provides alliance wealth
  • Purple Dragon area: Provides prestige points

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What are occupant flags?

These are special event currencies that can be used to seize the camps, which means you get an extra chance to occupy them and to farm more meat.

By default, players get 3 chances to seize other camps per day, so if they want to try more than 3 times, they would be required to use occupant flags.

These can be bought from a bundle called “Heavenly principles” or from the alliance store. Keep in mind that these flags can only be used during the event.

Final thoughts

Players can assume the role of either a king or queen and become a powerful ruler in this role-playing mobile game, King’s Choice.

You can participate in and experience a variety of activities and features in the game, though it is advised that you first focus on completing chapters in the main storyline.

The game offers various activities and in-game events for players to take part in, one of which is the Dragon Island event.

Even though it is a resource site, it occasionally hosts in-game events for players to join. During the event you should gather as many resources as you can to obtain points.

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