King’s Choice: How to increase knight power

Players can increase their knight power in King’s Choice by either sending them to university or using the in-game currency, Silver.


King’s Choice is a popular role-playing mobile game that features a choice-based simulation. The game allows players to sit at the head of the royal table, in their very own kingdom.

Developed by ONEMT, the game invites players to date non-player characters (NPCs), build an empire and generate alliances. However, they can also command a grand army of knights and raise heirs.


The game is set in the medieval times, where players take on the role of a Lord’s only daughter or son. All seemed to go well until Aves, The Throne Usurper, arranged a successful revolution. Additionally, he killed the Lord to take the throne and locked his son, or daughter in a prison cell.

Fortunately, the protagonist refused to lose hope and promised to take revenge on every single one of his enemies.

Players will be playing as a Lady or a Lord of a kingdom. Subsequently, they are responsible for various activities, including raising heirs, resource production, land conquering and commanding knights.

However, when they first start the game, they will be a level one Lord or Lady. As their level increases, they will obtain bonuses, which can make gameplay easier. It is important to note that players can increase their knight power.

How to increase knight power

Players can increase a knight power by either sending them to university, or by using Silver, which is an in-game currency. At the university, the knights will participate in study sessions.

Each session lasts for approximately three hours. When it is completed, the Knights’ will obtain skill points and talent experience.


However, sending a knight to university is not mandatory, as players can use Silver to upgrade their knight. Each knight requires the same amount of silver if they are at the same level.

It is recommended that players increase the knight power at a similar pace, except for the one they will use in boss battles.

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