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Basic Information

Application Name  King’s Choice
Release Date July 16, 2021
Genre RPG
Platforms iOS / Android / Huawei
Price Free ( With Subscription / In-App Purchases)
Developer / Publisher ONEMT
Official Site Website
Official Social Media TwitterFacebook / YouTube / Discord


King’s Choice is a popular role-playing game with a choice-based simulation. It puts players at the head of the royal table, in their own kingdom.

Developed by ONEMT, the game invites players to command a grand army of knights, build an empire and generate alliances. However, they can also date other royals and raise heirs.

The game is set in the medieval times, where players take on the role of a Lord’s only son. All seemed to go well until Aves, The Throne Usurper, arranged a successful revolution. Additionally, he murdered the Lord to take the throne and locked his son inside a prison cell.

Fortunately, the protagonist refused to lose hope and promised to take revenge on every single one of his or her enemies. In addition to Aves, players will be introduced to a variety of characters.

Players will be playing as a Lord of a kingdom. Subsequently, they are responsible for various activities: military troops, land conquering, raising heirs, resource production and knights.

However, when they first start the game, they will have a level one Lord. As the level increases, they will obtain bonuses, such as an increase in silver collection limit, recruitment limit, and government affair limit.

It is important to note that the maximum level of the Lord is Superior Lord level 5. Players thus have to progresses through 20 different levels to reach the maximum level. Each of the following categories consist of five levels:

  • Rising Lord
  • Common Lord
  • Senior Lord
  • Superior
  • Lord

The game offers a lot of activities for players to participate in. This includes outpost, university and lovers. However, they can also join the arena, go on patrol, visit Dragon Island and join an alliance among others.



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