Monster Hunter Rise: Afflicted Dragon Blood

In Monster Hunter Rise, players can obtain Afflicted Dragon Blood by defeating monsters through the Anomaly Investigations.

Gamers are invited to assume the role of a Hunter in this action role-playing video game, Monster Hunter Rise. As the Hunter, it is your responsibility to defeat and capture large monsters with a range of weapons, tools, and environmental features that can damage and weaken them while simultaneously surviving their attacks.

As the game’s name implies, it is part of the classic Monster Hunter franchise, which means that players may encounter similar mechanics and gameplay throughout the series. Shortly after the release of Rise, the developer, Capcon, released an expansion. Sunbreak introduced new features, including the Afflicted Dragon Blood resource.

What are Afflicted Materials?

Players can complete Anomaly Quests in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak to earn Afflicted Materials, which are required to craft powerful weapons. It is crucial to remember that every Afflicted Material can be acquired by varying monsters in a particular Anomaly Quest level.

The Material you receive depends on the specific monster you defeat. The following table lists all the Afflicted Materials and which level of Anomaly Quest you will find it on:

Item Quest level
Afflicted Claw A 4-star
Afflicted Fang A 4-star
Afflicted Shell A 3-star
Afflicted Scale A 3-star
Afflicted Monster Bone A 2-star
Afflicted Blood A 2-star
Afflicted Bone A 1-star
Afflicted Pelt A 1-star

Monster Hunter Rise: Afflicted Dragon Blood

Afflicted Blood is 1 of the 8 Afflicted Materials players can get in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. It is required to unlock new armour, weapons, and decorations in the endgame.

Monster Hunter Rise: Afflicted Dragon Blood
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Players can acquire Afflicted Blood in Sunbreak by completing certain A 2-star Anomaly Quests for which you have to defeat the following monsters:

Monster Icon
Tetranadon Monster Hunter Rise: Afflicted Dragon Blood
Daimyo Hermitaur Monster Hunter Rise: Afflicted Dragon Blood
Khezu Monster Hunter Rise: Afflicted Dragon Blood
Bishaten Monster Hunter Rise: Afflicted Dragon Blood

After defeating one of these monsters, you may receive their parts as loot. It is important that you remember to break the parts to potentially receive more Afflicted Blood.

There is a 20 percent chance that you will receive additional Afflicted Blood when you break the parts. Players are guaranteed to get at least 1 Afflicted Blood when hunting one of the previously mentioned monsters in an Anomaly Quest.

As all of these monsters drop Afflicted Blood, players can choose which one they would like to farm. However, the best option to farm Afflicted Blood is the one you are most comfortable fighting. Most players agree that farming and defeating Bishaten is the easiest.

Once you have Afflicted Blood, you can use it to upgrade or craft Rarity 10 weapons and new Decorations in Sunbreak’s endgame phase. It is noteworthy that Afflicted Blood only becomes available once you have unlocked 2-star Anomaly Quests. To unlock it, you have to complete the Master Rank 20 Urgent Quest.

Which decorations can you unlock with Afflicted Blood?

Decorations only become available once you reach Hunter Rank 6. This can be done by reaching 6 stars on the Village Quest and completing both Special Assignments, or by progressing the village Hub Quests. There are several decorations that players can unlock with Afflicted Blood:

Decoration name Skill or effect
Hard Grinder Jewel 4 It speeds up weapon sharpening when you are using a whetstone
Resistor Jewel + 4 It grants protection against all elemental blights

Bear in mind that decorations come in an array of sizes, which means that not every decoration can be allocated to any slot. 1-slot decorations can fit into any slot, but 3-slot decorations can only fit into 3 slots.

Anomaly Investigations

Anomaly Investigations are unique quests that expand upon the normal Anomaly Quests. The latter are special hunts against monsters that are driven mad by the Qurio creatures throughout the story, whereas Anomaly Investigations have the same fundamentals, but they add elements of randomised quest parameters, new crafting materials, and increased difficulty.

Allegedly, the Anomaly Investigations serve as an endgame progression system. You can unlock these quests when you reach MR 10. Once this prerequisite is met, you can speak with Bahari in Elgado Outpost who will tell you about the new feature.

You will then be able to speak to Chicae, who has the new Anomaly Investigations category under the Anomaly Research Quest and the Quest Counter.

Augmenting weapons and armour

The Qurious Crafting system allows players to add random skills to their gear and weapons using materials that they earned from hunting Afflicted monsters. You gain access to this feature by speaking to Bahari about Anomaly Investigations, and then unlocking Afflicted monsters at Master Rank 10.

Players can then go to the Smithy and speak with Minayle to unlock Qurious Crafting, though you first have to enable Augmentation. To do this, you have to spend Amber Essence, Afflicted Materials, including Afflicted Blood, and Zenny.

Monster Hunter Rise: Afflicted Dragon Blood
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