Hero Wars: Octavia

As you progress in Hero Wars, you will come across various weapons, one of which is Octavia, also referred to as Octaviana’s Blades.

In this idle war game, Hero Wars, you can collect heroes, unlock skills, destroy enemies and play alongside friends in the player-versus-player arena.

To progress in the game, you have to follow the main storyline, which requires that you defeat the Archdemon and his evil army.


To enhance your heroes’ capabilities, you have to equip them with gear, which can be acquired as you progress in the game. One of the items that you acquire is Octavia, which is a powerful weapon.

In 2021, Hero Wars players noticed that the game’s developer, Nexters, changed the name of the weapon. It is therefore now known as Octaviana’s Blades.

Allegedly, Nexters changed the names of a few weapons and equipment pieces without announcing the reason.

Although the name change confused some players, the weapon allegedly remains unchanged. This means that you can still benefit from the weapon’s statistics and effects, even though its name has been changed.

You can therefore still get the Octavia weapon, even if its name has changed. When using this weapon with a hero who has the Blade Whirlwind ability, it will trigger an effect which gives bonus statistics to the entire time for 9 seconds.

Currently, there is 1 hero who wields this weapon to destroy enemies; Keira.

Keira was once the best royal guard who had fallen in battle against Morth Chrone. Luckily, the demon of war resurrected her and turned her into a ghost.

Hero Wars: Octavia
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Keira’s abilities

Similarly to other heroes in Hero Wars, Keira possesses unique abilities which she can use to defeat foes.

The following table lists her abilities and describes each one:

Ability Description
Blade Whirlwind She launches a whirlwind of blades, which travels to the furthest enemy and then returns to her. This ability deals damage to opponents as they fly and silences the enemies for 4 seconds on the way back. Players should note that this ability syncs with Octaviana’s Blades
Enraged Soul This ability increases her speed for 5 seconds.
Dancing Blades Although it is a passive skill, it causes Keira’s basic attack to ricochet between opponents to deal 25 percent of damage of her basic attack.
Piercing Pain If any enemy’s armor is lower than their armor penetration, this passive skill enables their basic attack to deal extra damage.

Artifact Merchant

Since Octavia, also referred to as Octaviana’s Blades, is an artifact, players must go to the Artifact Merchant to acquire it. The Artifact Merchant allows players to use their Artifact Coins to purchase a variety of Artifact Fragments.

Keep in mind that this merchant differs from the other merchants in the game. This is because he basically has an unlimited supply and always has all Artifacts available for you to purchase.

Players should note that 1 Fragment of Octaviana’s Blades costs approximately 400 Artifact Coins.

You can collect Artifact Coins through the Artifact Chest and Valkyrie’s Favour, however, you can also participate in special events to earn the coins.

How to obtain Keira

Allegedly, Hero Wars players have to collect 10 Keira stones to summon her, but you have to progress through the main story chapters to get the stones.

You have to complete chapter 3: Living Mountains, chapter 4: Necropolis as well as chapter 7: Toll Gate to acquire her soul stones.

Once you have Keira, you can enhance her capabilities by increasing her level and equipping her with Octaviana’s Blades to increase her strength. You should note that some glyphs, skins and artifacts are more important than others.

The items that you should prioritize are as follows:

Priority number Glyphs Skins Artifacts
1 Armor Penetration Winter Skin Book: Alchemist’s Folio
2 Physical Attack Blooming Skin Ring: Ring of Agility
3 Agility Default Skin Weapon: Octaviana’s Blades
4 Health Demonic Skin Not applicable
5 Armor Romantic Skin Not applicable

Keira’s statistics

As you increase Keira’s level, you will increase her statistics, which will enhance her performance on the battlefield. Keira’s statistics at maximum level are outlined in the table below:

Statistic Value
Intelligence 1926
Agility 10999
Strength 2408
Health 166437
Physical Attack 56842
Magic Attack 5778
Armor 15449
Magic Defense 14255
Armor Penetration 28495

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