Hero Wars: Creatures of the Night

The Creatures of the Night event in Hero Wars invites players to complete a range of tasks to collect the new pet, Vex.

Players can battle enemies in this idle war, RPG, Hero Wars, which is set in the land of the Dominion. You can collect heroes, unlock new powers and upgrade their level to fight the Archdemon and his army of soldiers.

Creatures of the Night

In addition to following the main arc and completing chapters, you can enjoy numerous game modes, each of which has unique objectives.

The game’s developers, Nexters, occasionally hosts in-game events for gamers to complete tasks and earn rich rewards.

One of the in-game events that you can participate in is Creatures of the Night, which started on Thursday 19 October 2023.

Gamers should note that the event, its quests and the special event map will be removed from the game on Thursday, 26 October 2023.

This means that players have approximately 7 days to complete unique tasks and to earn rewards. The objective of this event is to celebrate the arrival of a new pet, Vex.

During this event, you have to complete tasks to earn Noctus’s Orders, which can be used to conquer enemies on the new event map.

If you vanquish enemies, you will be rewarded with Essence of the Afterlife. Players can use this new currency to purchase items, like the new pet, from the limited-time Event Shop.

Although the event is only active for 7 days, the event shop will remain open for an additional day to give players the opportunity to use their Essence of the Afterlife to purchase unique items.

Hero Wars: Creatures of the Night
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Creatures of the Night Event Shop

Once you have  enough Essence of the Afterlife, you can head to the limited-time event shop to purchase share items, some of which are listed below:

Item Price
Eternal Companion Chest 750 Essence of the Afterlife
Small Stone (Dawn/Dusk) 1000 Essence of the Afterlife
Uncommon Stone 1250 Essence of the Afterlife
Rare Stone 1500 Essence of the Afterlife
Flawless Stone 2750 Essence of the Afterlife
1-star Vex 1000 Essence of the Afterlife
2-star Vex 5000 Essence of the Afterlife
3-star Vex 14 000 Essence of the Afterlife
4-star Vex 45 000 Essence of the Afterlife
5-star Vex 90 000 Essence of the Afterlife
6-star Vex 180 000 Essence of the Afterlife

Event tasks

During the event, you need to complete activities to earn Noctus’s Orders. The following table lists the tasks that you can complete as well as the quantity:

Task Quantity
Log into Hero Wars 7
Reach VIP Levels 7
Purchase Emeralds 90 000
Spend Emeralds 120 000
Complete missions on the Vex Event Map 35
Spend Energy 1800
Use Pet Summon Eggs 75
Open Adventure Chests 20

As shown in the table, you have to complete missions on the Vex Event Map. You can find these missions by going through the portal on the main screen.

On the event map, you will encounter different teams and get Essence of the Afterlife for winning the battle.

However, if you complete the missions, you will receive additional Noctus’s Orders as a reward, and they also add to the progress of certain event quests.

Creatures of the Night rules

As previously mentioned, the event will remain active for a week. Every day, 5 quests and 1 enemy will appear on the map.

You have to complete the quests, conquer the bosses and earn Essence of the Afterlife to upgrade the new pet, Vex. If you miss a day, do not fret – you will not lose out on the plot or the daily boss fight.

Hero Wars players should, however, remember that the boss’s difficulty increases after every battle.

We therefore recommend that you defeat the bosses in raids to avoid boosting their power.

To fight a boss, you need to use Noctus’s Orders, which means that you have to complete special quests to procure the resource.

Should you procure Vex?

Since the objective of the event is to celebrate the arrival of the new pet, Vex, we recommend that you get them.

As previously mentioned, there are different star rankings of the new pet that you can acquire. It is not necessary to purchase the 6-star Vex as you can upgrade your pets as you advance in the game.

However, purchasing the 6-star Vex means that you do not have to use the resources to upgrade him. Regardless of which Vex you purchase, they all have the same skills:

Ability name Description
Noxious Cloud Vex targets the entire opposing team, which applies a physician damage debuff to all enemies. Every tic of damage reduces the enemy’s armor.
Curse of the Flesh This ability curses the enemies with the lowest health with a debuff, which causes them to take additional damage when they are attacked with basic auto-attacks.
Deep Wounds It applies a stacking debuff to an enemy every time it performs a basic auto-attack. This debuff increases the physical damage received by the hero, and allegedly by all allies and not just the patroned hero.

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