Hero Wars: Keira Brawl Team

The team you have to use during Keira’s Brawl event in Hero Wars is determined by whether or not Rufus is in the enemy team.

You can experience rich, strategic gameplay in this exhilarating video game, Hero Wars. It is up to you to collect heroes and increase their capabilities to battle the Archdemon and this terrifying army.

In addition to the main storyline, you can enjoy numerous game modes, each with unique objectives.

Keira Brawl Team

One of the heroes that you can acquire in Hero Wars is Keira, who was once one of the best royal guards who has fallen in the battle against Morth Chrone.

However, the demon of war resurrected the young guard and turned her into a ghost foredoomed to suffer and wander about till the end of time.

At the time of writing, players can participate in a limited-time event; Keria’s Brawl. During this event you have to battle enemies and complete quests to earn rewards.

To be successful in Keria’s Brawl, you need to select your Brawl team strategically.

If you notice that Rufus is on the enemy team, we recommend that you use Dante, Iris, Sebastian and Morrigan alongside Keira.

However, if Rufus is not on the enemy team, you need to use Jorgen, Sebastian, Iris and Dante with Keria.

Keep in mind that you have to select your team’s pets before heading into battle. For Keira, we recommend that you select Fenris as her Patron.

Hero Wars: Keira Brawl Team
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How to acquire the Brawl Team

Players who are yet to collect the recommended Brawl Team for Keira’s Brawl may struggle to be complete the event successfully.

Fortunately, you can use the following table to collect the recommended heroes:

Hero Method of acquisition
Dante Players can get fragments of this hero at the Tower Shop. You need 30 stones to summon him.
Iris Get this hero’s fragments at the Clash of the Worlds shop.
Sebastian You can get fragments of this hero at the Elemental Tournament Shop. Keep in mind that you need 30 stones to summon him.
Morrigan To summon this hero, you need to collect 80 stones. Players can collect this hero’s fragments in the Soul Atrium.
Jorgen To summon this hero, you need to collect 30 stones from the Outland Shop.

Keira’s Brawl tasks

While Keira’s Brawl event is active, you need to complete tasks to earn rewards. Essentially, you have to open the Event by going to the event section of the main menu. Here you will find a list of tasks to complete.

Some tasks are very simple, while others require more time and effort. If you complete a task, you will earn Brawl Coins.

Another way to earn Brawl Coins is by participating in the Brawl Activity, for which you can use the recommended teams.

If you are successful in the Brawl Activity, you will be rewarded with Brawl Coins. Hero Wars players can use their Brawl Coins to purchase items in Keira’s Brawl Shop.

That being said, the shop will be removed from the game when the event concludes.

What is Brawl?

The Brawl activity features an irregular arena in which you have to defeat other players in the server to earn rewards. You can only win 22 times a day, which means that you can earn up to 600 Brawl Coins while the event is active.

If you lose 5 matches in a row, you need to purchase additional challenges with Emeralds.

Before you enter a Brawl, we recommend that you carefully consider which enemies you will face in the arena as this will have a great effect on the team that you use.

Keira’s abilities

During Keira’s Brawl, Hero Wars players will get the opportunity to experiment with Keira’s abilities. However, we recommend that you make sure you know what each skill does before using it against an enemy.

Keira’s abilities as well as a description of each are outlined in the table below:

Ability Description
Blade Whirlwind She launches a whirlwind of blades, which reaches the furthest enemy and then returns. The blades deal damage to opponents as they fly and silence the enemies for 4 seconds on their way back.
Enraged Soul Keira’s speed increases for 5 seconds
Dancing Blade Keira’s basic attack can ricochet between foes to deal 25 percent of basic attack damage on each hit.
Piercing Pain If an enemy’s armor is lower than Keira’s armor penetration, her basic attack deals extra damage.

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