Hero Wars: Vex

Vex is a new skeletal pet in Hero Wars that specializes in long-ranged physical DPS support, but he can only be Patroned to certain heroes.

In this online ideal RPG fantasy game, Hero Wars, you have to destroy the Archdemon and his evil army in epic battles to save heroes.

Players can power up their heroes, unlock skills, forge a guild and train their armies to progress in this game.


On Wednesday, 18 October 2023, Hero Wars invited players to join their live stream on YouTube to meet Vex and also to take a learn about the new event.

During this live stream, players were able to procure rich rewards by participating in the chat and by engaging with the streamer.

Ves is a new skeletal pet that specializes in long-range physical DPS support. To acquire this new pet, you have to participate in a limited-time event, Creatures of the Night, which began on Thursday, 19 October 2023.

Players should note that the event, the quests and the special map will be removed from the game on Thursday, 26 October 2023.

During the event, you have to complete tasks to earn Noctu Orders, which you can use to fight enemies on the event map.

You will then earn Essence of the Afterlife, which can be used to purchase items in the Event Shop.

Players can also use their Essence of the Afterlife to summon the new skeletal pet, Vex. After getting Vex, you can use him to battle the Archdemon and his evil army.

Hero Wars: Vex
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Vex’s skills

Similarly to other pets and heroes in Hero Wars, Vex has unique skills that can be used to vanquish foes on the map.

Several players believe that Vex will change the course of the game since his skills are extremely powerful.

The table below lists Vex’s skills and provides a description of each:

Ability Type Description
Noxious Cloud Ultimate This ability will target the entire enemy time, which applies a physician damage over time effect to everyone. With each tic of damage, the opponent team’s armor is reduced.
Curse of the Flesh Passive It curses the enemies with the lowest health with a debuff that causes them to take additional damage when they are attacked with basic auto-attacks.
Deep Wounds Patronage The hero Vex is patroned to be able to apply a stacking debuff to an enemy every time they perform a basic auto-attack. This debuff enhances the physical damage received by the hero, and allegedly by all allies and not just the patroned hero.

How much does Vex cost?

You can use your Essence of the Afterlife Coins to purchase Vex from the event shop. Keep in mind that the higher the quality of the Vex you want, the more expensive he will be.

That being said, you do not need to purchase the highest quality Vex as you can upgrade him after purchasing the new pet.

The following table lists Vex’s price at  varying qualities:

Vex quality Coins
1-star 1000
2-star 5000
3-star 14 000
4-star 45 000
5-star 90 000
6-star 180 000


Players should remember that Vex can only Patron to certain heroes Patron to. We therefore recommend that you Patron Vex to the following heroes:

Hero How to acquire
Artemis She is one of the first heroes that players will collect when they start playing Hero Wars
Ginger You have to progress through the chapters to acquire Ginger’s stones to summon her.
Kiera Players must collect 10 stones by completing chapter 3: Living Mountains, chapter 4: Necropolis and chapter 7: Toll Gate to summon her.
Daredevil Her stones can be earned by completing chapter 6: Ritual Circle, chapter 8: Fire-Worshiper’s Capital and chapter 9: Pirate Den.
Fox You have to complete chapter 3: Sanctuary of the Ancestors, chapter 6: Wretched Goosefoot and chapter 9: Coral Reef to acquire her stones.
Dark Star Players can get fragments of this hero at the Arena Shop.
Jhu You can get hero fragments at the Guild War shop
Elmir Get this hero’s fragments at the Outland Shop
K’arkh Players can get this hero’s fragments at the Elemental Tournament Shop
Astrid and Lucas You have to progress through chapter 14 and chapter 15 to get her stones.

Creatures of the Night event tasks

As previously explained, players have to complete tasks to earn Noctus’s Orders, which can be used to earn Essence of the Afterlife.

There are several tasks that you can complete during the event, but some tasks may be as simple as logging into the game.

Furthermore, you can also reach VIP Levels, purchase Emeralds, spend Emeralds, complete missions on the event map and spend energy.

Hero Wars players can also use pet summon eggs and open adventure chests to earn Noctus’s Orders.

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