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Basic Information

Application Name Hero Wars
Release Date December 23, 2016
Genre Epic Fantasy MMORPG, Action RPG
Supported Device iOS / Android / Facebook / VK
Price Free / With In-App Purchases
Developer / Publisher Nexters Global
Official Site Website
Official Social Media TwitterFacebook / YouTube / Discord / VK


Hero Wars is the ultimate roleplaying online fantasy game. Players can fight enemies, join epic player-versus-player (PvP) arena battles, and collect the strongest heroes in Dominion along the way. Players are also able to power up their heroes, unlock skills, train their army and forge a guild.

Throughout the game, players can join guilds, make friends, explore dungeons, participate in various events and collect pets.


The game features various events throughout the year. These events can be divided into eight categories: common, daily, hero, pet, resources, seasonal, titan and unique events. Check out this article for more information about Hero Wars events.

Event schedule 2021

You can find out more about the upcoming events here. If you’re interested to find out more about the previous events, please take a look here.


Primary Stats

Titans have no primary stats. Pets have two: Skill Power and Patronage Power. Heroes have three main stats: Strength, Intelligence and Agility.

Hero’s Main stats Effects on secondary stats
1 Strength Point
  • 40 Health
  • 1 Physical attack, if Strength is the hero’s main stat
1 Intelligence Point
  • 3 Magic Attack
  • 1 Magic Defense
  • 1 Physical attack, if Intelligence is the hero’s main stat
1 Agility Point
  • 2 Physical Attack
  • 1 Armor
  • 1 Physical attack, if Agility is the hero’s main stat

Secondary Stats

Secondary stats are the same for Heroes, Titans, and Pets.

Secondary stats Description Formula
Health Health determines how much damage a hero can withstand before dying.

  • The Hero dies if Health reaches 0.
Physical attack This stat determines how much damage a hero deals with basic attacks and abilities that deal physical damage.

  • It is reduced by Armor.
Armor Armor reduces the damage received from physical attacks and abilities.

  • 1000 Armor reduces 25% physical damage
  • 3000 Armor reduces 50% physical damage
Armor reduces incoming physical damage according to this formula:

1 – 1 / (1 + Armor / 3000)

Armor Penetration Armor Penetration allows to reduce the enemy’s Armor.

  • 1 Armor penetration point ignores 1 Armor point
  • Armor cannot be below 0
Vampirism Vampirism heals a hero equal to a percentage of the damage dealt.  
Magic Attack Magic attack determines how much damage a hero deals with magic abilities and the strength of their effects.

  • It is reduced by Magic defense.
Magic Defense Magic defense reduces damage received from magic attacks and abilities.

  • 1000 Magic Defense absorbs 25% magical damage
  • 3000 Armor absorbs 50% magical damage
Magic defense reduces incoming magic damage according to this formula:

1 – 1 / (1 + Magic defense / 3000)

Magic Penetration Magic penetration allows to ignore an enemy’s Magic defense.

  • 1 Magic penetration point ignores 1 Magic defense point
  • Magic defense cannot be below 0
Dodge Dodge determines a hero’s chance to completely ignore physical damage. Hero’s Dodge / (hero’s Dodge + target’s main stat) х 100%.
Critical hit chance Critical hit chance determines the chance that a physical attack will be critical. Critical hits deal double damage. Hero’s Crit hit chance / (Hero’s Crit hit chance + target’s main stat) х 100%.

Control Effects

Effect Meaning Look
Stun The hero cannot move or attack. Spinning stars above the hero.
Blind The hero misses all physical damage (either attacks or abilities). Crossed eye above the hero.
Silence The hero cannot use any abilities, except those that deal physical damage. A mask with a red cross on its mouth
Slow The hero has reduced basic attack speed and increased abilities cooldowns. The heroe is highlighted in blue with a snowflake above them.
Charm The hero cannot attack or cast abilities. The Charm effect is removed if the hero is damaged by any other hero, except the one who inflicted this effect. A heart above the hero’s head.
Mind Control The hero fights on the side of their opponent. A rotating coin above the hero’s head.


There are three types of damage in Hero Wars: Physical, Magical, and Pure Damage.

Type Color Can be diminished by:
Physical Damage Orange armor
Magical Damage Purple magic defense
Pure Damage In battle: White cannot be diminshed
Skill Description: Green




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