GPO: All Seeing Eye

The All Seeing Eye in GPO can provide your character with some great buffs, however, it can only be purchased with Robux.

Grand Piece Online (GPO) is a thrilling video game that invites gamers to discover hidden islands across a vast ocean. Since it is a Roblox game, you can only enjoy the game on the Roblox Platform.

Players can work towards their ideal build, scavenge the land for treasure, and challenge difficult bosses while competing with other gamers.

Players can find various gear, weapons, and accessory items as they advance in the game. It is worth noting that items can impact your character greatly, as some have the ability to increase their statistics or provide you with regeneration points.

What is an Accessory?

Although Accessories may seem like an insignificant feature, they are considered a core game feature. This is because Accessories have the ability to grant your character status buffs. Keep in mind that Accessories are generally dropped by bosses, and have different rarities and drop rates.

The following table lists some of the Accessories you can find in the game and their buffs:

Accessory Buff
Guardian’s Helmet Increases health points by 50
Shark Necklace Provides your character with an additional Stamina Regeneration point
Ice Necklace It reduces Freeze Time by 10 percent
GPO Fedora None, it is merely a cosmetic item
Jester’s Hat Increases health points by 35 while adding an additional health regeneration point. It also reduces Burn Damage and Freeze time by 15 percent

GPO: All Seeing Eye

One of the Accessories you can acquire in GPO is the All Seeing Eye, however, it is a cosmetic item.

Even though it does not offer players an array of bonuses, it grants the owner permanent 2 x Logia and 4 x Logia on weekends whenever they are ship farming, sea serpents, kraken farming or doing dungeons.

Equipping this item also grants players this ability when a Devil Fruit spawns. You should remember that you can see exactly what fruit it is when it spawns. The level requirement to trade this item is 0+.

It is worth noting that the All Seeing Eye is not stackable with other necklaces, such as Moria’s Necklace.

Moreover, it does not have to be worn for the player to get its benefits, which means that you only have to keep it in your inventory to receive its bonuses. You can have multiple All Seeing Eyes in your inventory, though their benefits will not stack.

Players should note that this is a mythical item, which makes it nearly impossible to acquire. Nevertheless, players could have collected the All Seeing Eye by getting the Devil Fruit Notifier, however, it is not for sale anymore.

The All Seeing Eye currently costs 20 000 Robux, and it is greatly valued in the trading community, due to its costliness.

GPO: All Seeing Eye
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What is Robux?

Robux is a premium Roblox currency that allows you to purchase upgrades for your avatar or to buy special abilities in games. Robux can only be acquired by purchasing it with real-life money. You can either purchase a Robux Package or subscribe to the platform.

When you purchase a package, the Robux is immediately credited to your account. With Roblox Premium, players get 10 percent more Robux and access to exclusive items, benefits, discounts, and more. However, you will be billed every month until the subscription is cancelled.

What is the price of Robux?

The price of Robux depends on the quantity you want. The table below highlights the prices for packages and subscriptions:

Price Robux package Subscriptions
$4.99 400 450 per month
$9.99 800 1000 per month
$19.99 1700 2200 per month
$49.99 4500 Not available
$99.99 10 000 Not Available

According to the table, players have to spend approximately $199.98 to be able to purchase the All Seeing Eye accessory.

How to purchase the All Seeing Eye in the game

To start GPO, players have to open their Roblox Platform before searching for Grand Piece Online in the search bar. Fortunately, you can now enjoy the game without purchasing it.

Once you have launched the game, you can customise your character according to your liking before entering the fictional world.

Players will generally spawn in the safe zone, which means that you cannot receive damage when you are attacked. To purchase the All Seeing Eye, personal computer (PC) and laptop gamers can press the “M” key on their keyboard.

This will trigger a pop-up menu, in which you can find a green dollar sign. After clicking this icon, you can access various items like the All Seeing Eye.

Keep in mind that you have to purchase Robux before you can purchase the item in-game.

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