GPO: Borj

In GPO, you can defeat Borj as a solo player or with a party for a chance to get the Knight’s Gauntlet.

Players are invited to immerse themselves in the persistent world of this thrilling video game, Grand Piece Online (GPO).

In the game, you can work towards your ideal character build, challenge difficult bosses, and discover hidden treasures while competing with other gamers. Since it is a Roblox game, you can only enjoy the game on the Roblox Platform.

The game features an array of activities you can enjoy, and various enemies you can defeat. Keep in mind that you have to acquire gear and level up your character to succeed in the game’s battles and explorations. One of the bosses you can defeat is Borj, who can be found in the Thriller Bark.

Thriller Bark

Thriller Bark is an island in the Second Sea, and it is situated North from Foro Island. Players can find it between East and North East of the Desert Kingdom.

Thriller Bark’s minimum level requirement is level 325. If your character is below this level, it is advised that you explore other areas before travelling to Thriller Bark.

On the island, you can purchase the Thriller Bark Eternal Pose for approximately 5000 Peli, along with Vel’s Lantern.

You will also find Zombies, Zombie Nights, Bomi, and Robo on the island, but it is advised that you skip these quests and go straight to the bosses. There are currently 3 bosses on the island that you can defeat, namely, Gecko Moria, Ryuma and Borj.

GPO: Borj

GPO‘s Borj is one of the bosses in Thriller Bark, and you will find him in Borj’s room. It is worth noting that he can be quite difficult to defeat, as he has 25 000 health points and he deals 75 mouse 1 (M1) damage.

There is a chance that he may already have been defeated when you arrive in his room, but his spawn time is 10 minutes and 20 seconds, so it is advised that you wait for him to spawn.

Although the minimum level requirement for Thriller Bark is level 325, you have to at least be on level 425 before you can attempt to defeat Borj.

The main purpose of defeating Borj is to receive the Knight’s Gauntlet, which is a Legendary weapon. It is unique in that it scales with strength rather than sword mastery.

In addition to the Knight’s Gauntlet, players have a chance to get Borj’s Armor and Borj’s Soul. Borj’s Armor is a legendary armour accessory that prioritises damage, as it has a 5 percent strength damage multiplier.

GPO: Borj's Armor
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It also offers players an additional 105 health points with health and stamina regeneration points. Borj’s Soul is an uncommon item that is used to spawn Moria.

Battle tactics

You can either attempt to defeat Borj as a solo player or with other gamers. For solo players or duo players, it is recommended that you go onto the rafters that intersect with each other above the chandelier in the room.

You should then wait until the boss gets slightly under the chandelier, but where the fireflies do not slam into the chandelier.

When he teleports to you, he will slam into the chandelier instead, which cancels his attack and effectively makes you invincible. This gives you a chance to attack the boss without getting hit.

Having another player use attacks like Elo’s Hammer’s Pounding Festival or Golden Staff’s Golden Sweep on Borj can help with his blocking.

Group strategy

Needless to say, the group strategy requires more than 2 players, and one member of the group should be a magu or pika user.

Once you have entered the group with the party, it is recommended that you take Borj into a bookshelf but make sure that he is in the corner of the bookshelf, so that he has no way of escaping.

Next, you have to get a pika or magu user to use Jewels of Light or Magma Rain while the other members spam all their moves against Borj. Players should ensure that Borj stays in the bookshelf while they spam their skills, until he is defeated.

Where is Borj’s Room located?

GPO players should bear in mind that Borj’s room is located inside Moria’s castle, at the right hand side. In front of the entrance of his room, there are knights with 1SS, and Borj can be found at the end of his room after players have passed these knights.

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