GPO: Fedora

The Grand Piece Online Fedora is an exclusive gift that was offered to players who purchased the game before July 2022.

In this exciting video game, Grand Piece Online (GPO), players can enjoy role-playing and simulation elements.

The game invites players to discover hidden islands in a vast open world, while challenging powerful bosses and discovering treasure chests. In this persistent world, your path is yours to create.

The only way to play this game is by playing it on the Roblox platform, since it is a Roblox-exclusive video game.

While advancing in the game, you can collect an array of items, including exotic fruits, accessories, and consumables, among others. One of the accessories you can get is the Fedora, however, it is not available to all players.


Even if accessories may seem like a simple aspect to some, it is a core game feature as it grants players status buffs. Most accessories can be obtained by killing bosses in GPO. It is noteworthy that some accessories are rarer than others.

This means that their chances of dropping after defeating the boss are lower than other accessories. However, the rare accessories often provide better buffs and benefits to your character, which makes them well worth the farm.

There are more than 10 accessories that you can equip on your character, but players should bear in mind that each accessory will have a unique effect on their characters. Some accessories provide your character with additional health points, while others only serve as cosmetic items.

GPO: Fedora

Grand Piece Online was officially released in November 2020, however, gamers who were interested in playing the game had to purchase it for approximately 350 Robux. Robux is a premium Roblox currency that can only be acquired by buying it with real-life money.

This means that players had to spend real-life money before they could enjoy the game. However, in July 2022, Grand Piece Online became free to play on the Roblox platform. Players no longer need to purchase the game to enjoy its content.

The GPO Fedora is an Uncommon item that was gifted to the players who purchased the game before 2 July 2022, when the game became free.

Almost 2 million players purchased the game before it became free to play, and therefore, nearly 2 million Fedoras were gifted. Since not all players received the Fedora, it provides no additional statistics or buffs and only serves cosmetic purposes.

If you purchased the game before it became free, you received the following in-game message: “Thanks for playing during the games paid access phase, here’s a special gift just for you!”

GPO: Fedora
© Roblox

After accepting the gift, players can equip the Fedora on their character. Keep in mind that the item can only be worn on your character’s head, and it is not tradeable.

How to equip the Fedora

It is crucial to note that only players who purchased the game before it became a free-to-play game were gifted with the Fedora. After accepting the gift, you can find the item in your character’s inventory. To open your inventory, you can open the menu and then click on the inventory icon.

GPO: Fedora
© Roblox

Players can then either scroll the list until they have found the Fedora, or search for the GPO Fedora in the search bar. Once you have found it, you can click on it to trigger a pop-up menu.

The pop-up menu allows you to click on the equip icon, which will place the Fedora on your character’s head.

Is the GPO Fedora still available?

It is crucial to keep in mind that the GPO Fedora is no longer available, as it was an exclusive gift to players who purchased the game before it became free.

However, you can collect various other accessories, including hats, which can be equipped on your character to get buffs and to alter your appearance.


Although you no longer need to purchase GPO with Robux, you can still use the premium currency to buy other valuable items in the game. As previously stated, Robux can only be obtained by purchasing it with real-life money.

You can either buy a once-off package, or subscribe to a recurring package to accumulate more Robux:

Price Once-off package Recurring package
$4.99 400 450 per month
$9.99 800 1000 per month
$19.99 1700 2200 per month
$49.99 4500 Not available
$99.99 10 000 Not available

Players should remember that they can use their Robux to purchase items and features in other Roblox Games. This means that the currency is not limited to any one game on the platform.

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